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Why Winter Tires?

During the winter season, tires play a crucial role in the vehicles overall safety and performance.

Much too often, winter tires are portrayed as "snow tires." The truth is, winter tires are not only designed to perform in snowy conditions, but to provide optimal performance in cold weather temperatures as well.

They provide excellent ride comfort and safety, exceptional grip in cold conditions, superior braking on ice and snow, outstanding resistance against aquaplaning, superb wet and dry handling, enhanced vehicle stability control operation and smoother take-off when equipped with traction control.

Two Tires or Four?

Since the winter tires will grip much better in slippery conditions, installing them on only two wheels will disrupt your vehicle's handling. Toyota recommends that you install winter tires on all four wheels.

Who knows your Toyota best?

While many places sell winter tires, your Toyota dealer carries winter tires that are selected by Toyota Canada to offer leading edge technology at a very competitive price. For your convenience, Toyota offers 14 of Canada's top tire brands.

Winter Tires

1. Tougher Bead Construction:

Helps withstand the demands of seasonal mounting and dismounting

2. Road Hazard Protection:

Available as an option

3. Rubber Compound:

Specially designed to remain flexible at low temperatures for greater grip

4. Interlocking Sipes:

Help cut through slush and bite pavement. They can lock under load to increase stability

5. Advanced Tread Design:

Winter tires have tread designs that are engineered to cope with winter's worst

How a winter tire performs
Tire component interaction with road surface
Winter Tires