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Future Vehicles

In a rapidly evolving world the automotive industry sees constant change. With advancements in safety, fuel efficiency, and performance, we are paving the way for a bright future.

The All-New All-Electric bZ4X

Introducing Toyota bZ4X, the first of the bZ (Beyond Zero) brand of pure battery electric vehicles (BEV), and another step on our way to a cleaner, more sustainable future. Joining Toyota’s extensive lineup of electrified vehicles, the emissions-free bZ4X delivers a manufacturer-estimated driving range of up to 400 kilometers on a single charge. Sleek and aerodynamic in design, bZ4X features a roomy interior, brimming with intelligent and intuitive technologies, including the all-new Toyota Multimedia interface. Available with an innovative all-wheel-drive system with X-MODE®, bZ4X also boasts Toyota Safety Sense 3.0TM, our most advanced suite of active safety systems yet. Arriving in 2022.

The All-New All Powerful 2022 Tundra

Years in the making, the all-new Tundra is the most powerful, most capable, and most advanced body-on-frame truck we’ve ever built. Born of Toyota truck DNA that has been passed down for generations, the new Tundra is bigger, bolder, stronger, and smarter. Ready to haul, tow, and take-on most any task or terrain you need to face. Powered by two all-new engines. The 3.5L twin-turbo V6 i-FORCE. And coming soon, the electrified 3.5L twin-turbo i-FORCE MAX hybrid. Both deliver incredible power and remarkable fuel efficiency. A new truck. A new approach. A new way forward.

The All-New GR86

To earn a Toyota GR (Gazoo Racing) badge, a vehicle must undergo a punishing regime of track testing to ensure it delivers a dynamic, emotionally-charged drive. Enter the 2022 GR86, the latest to make the grade. Featuring more power than the original 86, along with enhanced handling, exceptional aerodynamics, and an upgraded interior, the GR86 will be available in two dynamic grades – GR86 and GR86 Premium. Track-ready performance designed to elevate your daily drive. Coming soon.

Next Generation Mirai

Coming soon, the totally redesigned Mirai is a major step forward for fuel cell electric vehicles, displaying a significantly greater range, improved driving performance and an elegant, sporty design. Built on Toyota’s latest platform, the next generation Mirai features a rigid body and low centre of gravity, which makes for nimble and rewarding handling.

Concept Vehicles

Showcasing new technology and new styling, Toyota concepts are a roadmap to the future of our brand.


Founded on a deep-seated belief that a vehicle should transport you both physically and emotionally, the Toyota LQ Concept is designed to forge an emotional bond between car and driver. Employing a powerful artificial-intelligence agent -- known as “Yui” -- LQ learns from you and grows with you, responding to your individual needs and preferences in order to deliver a personalized mobility experience. First displayed at the 2019 Tokyo Motor Show, LQ will soon be on the road in Tokyo, as part of the Toyota Yui Project Tours 2020.

Ultra-compact BEV

Smaller. Less noise. Lessened environmental impact. That’s the promise of Toyota’s two-seater Ultra-compact BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle). With an approximate range of 100 km on a single charge, and a maximum speed of 60 km/h, the Ultra-compact BEV is designed to meet the daily mobility needs of drivers who make regular short distance trips. Ready for the road, the Ultra-compact BEV will launch in Japan in 2020 -- as part of Toyota's greater commitment to electrified technology.


A next generation autonomous and battery electric vehicle (BEV), e-Palette is being developed specifically for Mobility as a Service (Maas). With its open interior, e-Palette can be configured for a multitude of uses – from a multi-passenger vehicle, to a retail enterprise on wheels. With the e-Palette, Toyota is re-imagining the role of technology and movement for future societies.


Toyota’s answer to energy, space and the personal transportation revolution. The i-Road is an ultra-compact, ultra fun, tandem two-seater battery electric vehicle that re-imagines the idea of being mobile. Offering genre-bending maneuverability, i-Road represents a new way to overcome congested city roads and lack of parking.

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