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Our Vision: To Move As One

Mobility Mobility For All

We believe that everyone should be free to explore their world and all the possibilities that it holds. That's why we're continuously striving to transform the very nature of movement – and lending our support to those who share our vision and values. Because when you're free to move, anything is possible. Even the impossible.

Video See how we’re bringing “Mobility For All” to the Games

Mobility at the Paralympics and Olympics

Sports and the power of mobility go hand-in-hand. The Games will be a showcase of Toyota innovations that will shape the future of transportation – moving athletes and attendees in revolutionary and environmentally sustainable ways.

Learn About our Paralympic and Olympic Partnerships Learn About Our National Sports Partnerships

Innovating Mobility

We've been innovating mobility solutions for 85 years. And we're just getting started. Explore these concepts and get a glimpse of a future where everyone can be free to move – whether it is across the room, across town, or across the country.

The Making of an Adaptive
Hand Controlled Vehicle

Just as people move in different ways, our vehicles can be adapted to meet a range of needs: from Siennas that can be outfitted with accessibility features like ramps and lift-up power mobility seats, to Highlanders that can be equipped with adaptive hand control. With vehicles like the one driven by Team Toyota Athlete Cody Caldwell – member of Canada's Paralympic Wheelchair Rugby team – Toyota aims to help make ''mobility for all'' a bit more of a reality.

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Community Toyota in the Community

Helping people achieve their impossible in all walks of life is a big part of our mission. These stories highlight some of the ways we are elevating the ability for everyone to move freely.

StopGap Foundation

As a National Partner of the StopGap Foundation, Toyota Canada is committed to helping them bring their message and mission to more people to create a barrier-free world where every person can access every space. Toyota Canada is committed to supporting their national School Project that focuses on education and dialogue around issues of disability and accessibility.



Toyota shared its principles of the Toyota Production System with Héma-Québec to help increase the production capacity and distribution efficiency of their Public Mother's Milk Bank, supporting Québec hospitals with neonatal care units.

Learn more about Toyota & Héma Quebec

Canadian Blood Services

Toyota supported CBS in their mission to safeguard Canada's lifesaving essentials by sharing our manufacturing process know-how, helping improve the efficiency of their production and supply chain.

Learn more about Toyota & CBS

Moving as One

Toyota Canada and our partners are undertaking actions and initiatives across the country to continue to serve our customers safely and reliably and support communities through COVID-19.

Learn about our COVID response

Dream Car

The Toyota Dream Car Art Contest aims to foster innovative thinking in youth by providing an opportunity for them to design a ‘dream car’ of the future that will help make the world a better place.

Learn more about the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

Toyota Cars for GoodTM

Toyota Cars for GoodTM is a national program that brings the power of movement to Canadian charities whose work makes our world more accessible and inclusive. Eligible organizations can receive one of six Awards to help bring mobility to their community.

Learn more about Toyota Cars for GoodTM

Toyota Canada Foundation

The Toyota Canada Foundation is a charitable foundation focused on supporting national organizations working in the area of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and outreach.

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Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada (TMMC) supports local organizations and initiatives in its local communities, with emphasis on environmental sustainability, safety education, and diversity and inclusion in the workplace.

Learn more about TMMC’s commitment to the community
Man in wheelchair exiting building via ramp with several people, including children, watching him.

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Support ?

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Sustainability Sustainable Mobility

Respect for the planet is etched in our founding principles. And set out in ever-evolving environmental guidelines that help guide our actions and reduce our impact.

Toyota Environmental Challenge 2050

In 2011, we launched our Environmental Challenge 2050 – striving to reduce the environmental burden attributed to vehicles to as close to zero as possible, while developing measures that contribute positively to the earth and its societies.


Reduce CO2 emissions from new vehicles by 90 percent compared to 2010 levels.


Develop and promote vehicle and battery recycling plants and technologies.


Zero CO2 emissions from manufacturing through technological advances, use of hydrogen created through renewable energies, and working with suppliers.

Water Usage

Minimize and optimize water usage and wastewater management systems based on local conditions.


Advance global systems for treating end-of-life vehicles to minimize environmental impact.

Future Society

Establish nature conservation activities around the world.

Electrifying the Lineup

A big part of achieving our Environmental Challenge 2050 means electrifying our lineup. Because we don't believe there is only one solution for every customer and every market, we're investing in a range of technologies so that you can find the one that's right for you.

Plug-in Hybrid ELECTRIC
Hydrogen Fuel Cell ELECTRIC

Design Better Designs.
Better Vehicles.

From exhilarating design and revolutionary manufacturing processes, to innovations in safety and connectivity, we’re building ever-better cars that make our roads safer, and help you make the most of every journey.

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* Next Generation Mirai shown


What happens when you take lessons from a legacy of world-class engineering, over 50 years of racing, a deep passion for high performance, and pour it all into a new generation of Toyota cars and trucks? You get vehicles that engage, enthrall and excite. Every time you get behind the wheel.

Learn More About Toyota Racing & Performance Learn More About Toyota
Racing Development (TRD)
Toyota New Global Architecture

TNGA is a complete re-engineering of our powertrains and platforms, designed to make our production system faster, more flexible and more efficient. And make our vehicles better in every way – more agile, dynamic, safe, fuel-efficient, and more affordable than ever – so that you can find a car you love.

Learn More About TNGA
Toyota Research Institute

The Toyota Research Institute is spearheading our efforts in new approaches to mobility and technology through Research & Development. We focus on: personal robotics to enable better mobility for those that need it most, artificial intelligence to accelerate development of materials for next generation energy and grow our leadership in automated vehicle technology.

Learn More About TRI
Toyota Safety Sense (TSS)

Toyota Safety Sense is a suite of active safety systems – standard on almost every new Toyota vehicle – that address the three most important areas of accident protection: mitigating or preventing frontal collisions, helping to keep drivers within their lane, and enhancing road safety when driving at night.

Learn More About TSS