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How a Head-Up Display keeps your eyes on the road

Mar 08, 2018

Head Up Display on Prius Prime

HUD is available on the Toyota Camry, Toyota Prius Hybrid, Toyota Prius Prime plug-in hybrid and the forthcoming 2019 Avalon. Drivers can enjoy added driving convenience that comes with Head-Up Display.

Camry XLE Hybrid in Celestial Silver Metallic. XSE V6 in Ruby Flare Pearl

Here’s the low down on the technology:

What is a Head Up-Display?

By projecting vital information on the windshield directly in front of the driver, HUD enables easy referencing of crucial driving data such as your vehicle’s speed without the need to look down or away at a separate instrument readout.

The driver is able see the course ahead, as well as other important information, without taking their eyes away from the road.

What does HUD show?

The Toyota HUD can display various information depending on the model.  Vehicle speed, warning indicators, hybrid-drive system status and tachometer, turn-by-turn navigation and even EV driving range on some vehicles.

Head Up Display at Night on Toyota Prius

The information floats virtually, almost like a hologram, in the lower area of the windshield. Here, drivers need only refocus slightly to the HUD area, then back to the road ahead, to analyze the display. Information is arranged for fast and easy reading from a quick glance.  Drivers can also choose how much or how little information the HUD displays.

Notably, since the displayed information is transparent and projected down low, it doesn’t block any portion of the driver’s forward view of the road. Depending on seating position and the selected HUD positioning, the image typically appears to be floating over the vehicle’s hood, not obscuring the way ahead.

How does HUD work?

A display screen is mounted on the top of the dashboard, behind the vehicle’s instrument cluster. This concealed small screen displays the information that will appear on the HUD.

The image created on the hidden HUD screen passes through a series of mirrors and lenses, where it’s projected onto the windshield as a virtual floating readout in front of the driver.

What are the benefits?

Put simply, a Head-Up Display means a lot less checking of the dash to see things like speed and  navigation– all things that can take your eyes away from the road. HUD leaves you free to focus on what matters – getting to where you are going safely.

Prius Prime in White

HUD can also prove useful at night, with the instrument cluster fully dimmed and the HUD’s small readout floating in the darkness ahead.

Configured for you

Best of all, the Toyota HUD can be reconfigured to show drivers the exact information they want, and the display can also be moved to create the optimal viewing angle for any driver.

When in use, the HUD is only visible to the driver, and can easily be turned off if desired. When activated, the Toyota HUD’s optics are finely optimized for clear and consistent viewing in all light conditions.

All said, the HUD is a handy bit of technology that adds uniqueness, convenience, and a touch of exclusive high-tech flair to the vehicle.

Visit your local Toyota dealer to test-drive the latest in HUD technology for yourself.