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Global supply issues affecting the automotive manufacturing industry are causing new vehicle delivery delays and inventory of some vehicles may be limited. Please for information about availability of your preferred Toyota vehicle.

Details make the difference

If your vehicle is involved in a collision, only the Certified Technicians at our Certified Collision Centres are specially trained to repair and refinish your Toyota to the same standards to which it was manufactured.

Only Toyota Certified Collision Centres give you the peace of mind you need.

The original parts used to manufacture your Toyota are designed and built to provide optimum fit, function, performance, safety, and structural integrity. In the unfortunate case of an accident with your Toyota, you should insist that your vehicle is taken to a Toyota Certified Collision Centre for repair.

Find a Toyota Certified Collision Centre

A Toyota Certified Collision Centre using New Toyota Genuine Parts for your repair will help to ensure the following:


Your Toyota is restored to its original factory specifications of safety, durability and performance.

Peace of Mind

Substituting Toyota Genuine Parts with aftermarket, salvaged, or counterfeit parts may alter the performance or safety of your vehicle, and may void your New Vehicle Warranty.

Additional Coverage

Your New Parts are Warrantied - And repairs made at a Toyota Dealership or Certified Collision Centre using Toyota Genuine Service Replacement Parts carry a 2 year/40,000 km warranty.

Toyota Genuine Windshield Replacement

When your Toyota Windshield needs replacement, visit your Toyota Dealership or Certified Collision Centre.

Toyota Genuine Windshields play an important role in the safety of your vehicle by providing structural rigidity and clarity. In addition, they can play a critical role in noise dampening, UV protection, and general occupant comfort and safety.

Toyota Genuine Windshields are often integrated with your vehicle’s advanced technology and play a role in the operation of various electrical components such as heads-up display, cameras for Toyota Safety SenseTM, rain sensors, antennas, and heating elements.

Choose peace of mind by choosing a Toyota Genuine Windshield.

Find a Toyota Certified Collision Centre for more information on collision repair service.

Find a Toyota Certified Collision Centre

What to do if your Vehicle can't be Driven

Steps to follow as soon as you can after a collision:

1. Report

A police report will assist in filing an accident claim with your insurance company.

2. Contact Roadside Assistance

Call Dial and Call 1-888-TOYOTA-8 Dial and Call (1-888-869-6828), and an approved towing company will be dispatched.

Learn more about Roadside Assistance
3. Request Toyota Collision Repair

When you speak to your insurer, know that you have the right to decide where your vehicle will be repaired. Insist on a Toyota Certified Collision Centre or one recommended by your Dealership.