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Global supply issues affecting the automotive manufacturing industry are causing new vehicle delivery delays and inventory of some vehicles may be limited. Please for information about availability of your preferred Toyota vehicle.

Know your Toyota or Scion like the back of your hand.

Find manuals to know your vehicle inside and out.

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Finding the Production Date of your Toyota vehicle is easy. Simply open the driver’s side door, and locate the Compliance Label. In most cases, the label is found inside the door frame, close to the latch (U-shaped bolt). In some cases, it is attached to the edge of the door.

Not all labels look the same, but they all contain the same information, including:

  • the Transport Canada Certification logo
  • a bar code
  • the Vehicle Identification Number(VIN)
  • the manufacture's name, such as Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc.
  • the Production Date, which is the month and year the vehicle was produced (e.g., "10/14" is October 2014)

Use this Production Date to determine the manual application to your vehicle.

Toyota and Scion Owner’s Manuals are available for download for the majority of vehicles manufactured in 2008 or later. If available, you can also access the Emergency Response Guide and Dismantling Manual for your vehicle*.

* For Hybrid Owners:

Because Toyota hybrids have a high-voltage battery pack, our Emergency Response Guides and Dismantling Manuals are especially useful for those involved in the dismantling of hybrids in the case of a collision. Available online, these documents provide special guidance for the management of the high-voltage system, helping ensure that safety professionals and first responders correctly identify the presence of hybrid technology and act accordingly.

Search for Emergency & Dismantling Guides

If you don’t find the manual you are looking for or you have questions about the applicability of a manual, please contact your local dealer.

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