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Global supply issues affecting the automotive manufacturing industry are causing new vehicle delivery delays and inventory of some vehicles may be limited. Please for information about availability of your preferred Toyota vehicle.

Look Up Safety Recalls and Service Campaigns

Toyota is committed to developing technologies to ensure that you derive optimal enjoyment from your vehicle. From time to time, we may need to repair or replace a vehicle component to help maintain the quality and safety of your vehicle. As a Toyota or Scion owner or lessee, you will be notified by mail if your vehicle requires repairs or servicing and you will be instructed as to how to obtain the repair or servicing at no cost to you.

Campaigns conducted by Toyota can be Safety Recall Campaigns and/or Limited Service Campaigns. Certain Warranty Enhancement Programs may also be applicable to your vehicle.

  • Safety Recall Campaign (SRC)

    In accordance with the requirements of the Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Act, when Toyota has determined that either a defect or a non-compliance with a Canadian Motor Vehicle Safety Standard which relates to motor vehicle safety exists in your vehicle, a Safety Recall Campaign is launched. The inspection and/or repair required under a Safety Recall Campaign will be performed at no charge to the vehicle owner.

    Limited Service Campaign (LSC)

    The purpose of a Limited Service Campaign is to offer vehicle owners an inspection and/or repair at no charge for a limited period of time in order to address a non-safety product or technical issue. Toyota encourages customers to take advantage of all Limited Service Campaigns prior to their expiration date.

    Warranty Enhancement Program (WEP)

    The purpose of a Warranty Enhancement Program is to inform customers that Toyota has enhanced the warranty coverage (time and/or mileage) on a vehicle component to further enhance customer satisfaction. Warranty Enhancement Programs have a time and/or mileage limit and a specified condition for eligibility.

Important: Block Heater Recalls in Canada
Safety recalls involving certain Toyota block heaters were recently issued in Canada.
If your vehicle is subject to one of those recalls, stop using your block heater immediately.
Continued use of your recalled block heater may increase the risk of fire hazard.
Use the VIN look up tool below to check for any recalls that apply to your vehicle, including the Block Heater Recall.
If you have not been receiving recall notices by mail, please confirm your address with Toyota via the contact options below.

Important: Takata Airbag Inflator Recalls in Canada.
Use the Look Up tool above to check for any recalls that apply to your vehicle, including Takata Airbag Inflator recalls.

Toyota Customer Assistance Centre

Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm ET