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Toronto sees North America debut of Toyota i-TRIL

Feb 22, 2018

The i-TRIL concept represents a different type of transport for those who still wish to have fun even when driving at slow speeds in urban environments.

It is radically different from the vehicles we see on our city streets today. Here’s what makes the i-TRIL so different.

Active Lean Technology

The i-TRIL employs the Active Lean Technology also seen on the Toyota i-Road.  A hinge located between the rear axle and cabin allows the vehicle body and front tires to lean while the motorised rear tires stay perpendicular to the road’s surface.

With a lean angle of 10 degrees, the i-TRIL technology ensures enhanced stability and grip, greater fun and driving pleasure, and less risk of passengers suffering from car sickness.


The i-TRIL has no pedals, enabling the driver to stretch out their legs in comfort. Steering, acceleration, and braking are all carried out via drive-by-wire technology.

The driver operates the vehicle by left and right-hand controls, similar to computer mice or game controllers. There are no other controls or switchgear, and no driver’s instrument binnacle.

I-TRIL Concept Interior

In manual driving mode, a simple head-up display gives the driver all the information they need. Multimedia and infotainment systems are controlled through a completely new approach to the Human Machine Interface (HMI) where voice activation communicated directly with the vehicle’s Artificial Intelligence.

Voice activated autonomy

The i-TRIL is capable of operating fully autonomously, communicating with the driver primarily through voice activation technology. However, the ride is designed to be so exhilarating that despite its autonomous capabilities, drivers will wish to control it themselves some of the time.

One plus two

With its one-plus-two seating layout, the i-TRIL redefines interior space. The driver sits centrally, with a higher yet relaxed laid-back driving position.

i-TRIL Concept Drivers Seat

Two rear bench passengers have extensive legroom on either side of the driver – even creating enough space for three adults on board if required.

Allied to the vehicle’s Active Lean Technology, the i-TRIL interior allows the rear bench seat passengers to become much more involved in the driving experience.

Butterfly doors

The butterfly-opening doors are designed to maximise the opening area and ease of cabin entry to even the rear seat passengers while requiring no more opening room within a car parking space than conventional doors.

Toyota i-TRIL Concept Butterfly Door

When the cabin doors are open, they remove a section of floor with them to narrow its footprint and make stepping out simpler, with a shorter stride. Moreover, the front seat may be swiveled through up to 20 degrees to help the driver enter and leave the cabin.

The i-TRIL Concept is just one example of a series of Toyota mobility solutions. Mobility for All is the company’s mission to give all of humankind the freedom to move without barriers and this commitment extends well beyond automotive – it is Toyota’s vision for the future.

Learn more about the i-TRIL Concept, and other solutions designed to meet varying unique needs at