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Professional Polishing Results with the Toyota Touch Kit

May 08, 2018

Cleaning and caring for the appearance of your ride can improve its looks, increase its resale value and enhance the long-term durability of its finishes. Plus, a top-notch clean is quick and easy, provided you’ve got the right products and equipment for the job.

But choosing those products can be daunting, especially given the overwhelmingly abundant options for polishes, waxes, glazes, washes and other related products.

For that reason, your Toyota dealer offers a full selection of detailing and cleaning solutions through the Toyota Touch product line—including a range of cleaning products specially formulated for your Toyota, by the same people who designed and built it. Not only are the Toyota Touch products the best fit for cleaning and caring for your Toyota, they’re also made to the same high-quality standards as the rest of the vehicle.

Toyota Touch products are all formulated to work without compromise on factory-installed paint coatings, plastics and other finishes, without sometimes-harmful additives and chemicals that can dull, scratch, compromise or otherwise harm them. Even the Chamois, Wash Mitt and Applicator pads included with the Toyota Touch Kit are made from quality materials, and are built to last for years without harming your finish.

Further, all Toyota Touch products are non-toxic, safe and made in Canada.

Go for the Toyota Touch detailing kit, and you’ve got everything you need for a safe and professional cleanup.

It all starts with the Toyota Genuine Wash & Shine Soap. Use it to wash your vehicle from the bottom up, using the included wash mitt. The soap uses a specific additive formula that cleans powerfully, but without leaving deposits, dulling, or harming your clearcoat. It’s strong, but also safe enough for weekly washing. With your Toyota clean and cool and parked in the shade, apply the Toyota Genuine Spray Wax by misting it over your vehicle, one panel at a time. Then, simply wipe the mist off with the appropriate cloth. As you wipe, the spray mist leaves small droplets of wax behind, which are smoothly melted into the paint via the friction of wiping. A protective, dust-resistant and water-repelling film is left behind.  This helps keep your car cleaner for longer, which saves you time and money on water and soap. Toyota Genuine Spray Wax also leaves a lustrous and deep shine that enhances and defends the look of your Toyota’s paint for weeks on end.

The final step of your exterior cleanup regimen is the application of Toyota Genuine Tire Dressing. Designed for quick application and lasting protection, it adds a radiant gloss to your tire sidewalls, leaves lasting protection from the elements to fend off cracking, splitting and discoloration, and is formulated to stay in place so it won’t sling all over your paint, or get washed away on a rainy day.

Next, it’s time for the Toyota Genuine Glass Cleaner. Formulated without harmful chemicals commonly found in household glass cleaners, this powerful cleaner dissolves grime, fingerprints, smudges and dog-drool on your Toyota’s interior glass with minimal effort, and without stripping away any of the factory-installed UV-protection coating on the windows. Plus, since it’s formulated without the use of ammonia, there’s no overwhelming chemical smell.

With your windows crystal-clear, hit the dash, door trim, console trim, and all other plastic surfaces with the Toyota Genuine Multi-Purpose Cleaner. Powerful enough to melt through virtually any dust, grime, or dried-on stains, this cleaner is potent, but works without any overwhelming chemical smell or residue. It leaves a neutral, matte finish behind that preserves the appearance of your vehicle’s cabin. Best of all, since it’s formulated specifically for the materials used in your Toyota, this cleaner doesn’t risk fading, discoloring, or drying out and cracking of interior finishes.

Next, finish off with a little spritz of the professional detailer’s secret weapon: Toyota Genuine Fresh Scent. Your Toyota will smell as fresh as it looks, thanks to this pleasant but modest-smelling spray. Just a squirt or two will keep your car smelling great for weeks.

Short on time? Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing services are available as an alternative to do-it-yourself spring cleaning.

Whether on a dedicated visit, or scheduled around your Toyota’s springtime checkup, local dealers offer no less than three levels of professional detailing, ranging from Deluxe to Premium to Ultimate. The Deluxe treatment includes a quick and effective cleanup and deodorization, with Premium and Ultimate packages including shampooing, special finish treatments, fabric protectant, engine shampooing, and more.

Whatever your need for ‘clean’ this spring, your local Toyota dealer has you covered with products and services held to the same quality standards as your Toyota is. Stop in or call for more details today.

Professional Tips for Best Results with Toyota Touch Products

Toyota Genuine Wash and Shine Soap: When washing, consider using a second pail full of fresh water exclusively for rinsing the wash mitt-- preferably between cleaning of each body panel. A frequent fresh-water rinse of your mitt prevents dirt and dust particles picked up by washing from contaminating the wash water, and helps fend off potential scratching. Also, and for the same reason, remember to never use the same wash mitt on your paint as you use for the wheels, as this can cause scratching. Wash with light pressure, rinse the mitt frequently, and wash in the shade for best results.

 Toyota Genuine Spray Wax: When applying spray wax to your vehicle, remember to work a single body panel at a time, to wipe gently, and to fold the cloth over itself frequently as you work, maintaining a clean surface for spray wax removal at all times.

Toyota Genuine Tire Dressing: For the best results, consider using a dedicated rag or applicator sponge when it’s time to apply tire shine. Spray the product onto the rag or applicator, away from the vehicle, and then wipe it over the tire. You’ll keep tire shine from landing on your paint, and you’ll use less product, too.

Toyota Genuine Multi-Purpose Cleaner: Where possible, spray the cleaner onto a rag outside of (and away from) your vehicle, and then return to the vehicle to wipe the surface you’re cleaning. This can prevent the cleaner from landing on surfaces it’s not designed for—like your windshield or instrument cluster lens, where it can cause spots and smudging.

Toyota Genuine Fresh Scent: Professionals often finish an interior detail by spraying a touch of air freshener onto the carpeting beneath the front seats, where it won’t be worn away from contact or direct exposure to sunlight. You’ll get a lasting scent without overwhelming your passengers, and you’ll use less product, too.