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5 Ways Winter Wipers Help You Win Winter

Feb 12, 2019

It’s easy to say you don’t need winter wipers. Until that first real snowstorm - and suddenly you can’t see out from between the streaks on your windshield. Anyone who has switched to winter wipers will tell you it makes winter driving much easier.

Here are 5 reasons winter wipers are the way to go this winter.


  1. 1. You will be able to see out of your windshield

Sounds so simple. But think back to last winter: how many times did you let the salt build up on your windshield, because you KNEW the second you put on the wipers you’ll be driving blind? With winter wipers, you’ll have a clear windshield every drive, no matter how nasty it gets out there. Your driving confidence will increase, and suddenly all those winter escapades your kids want to go on will be fun and worry-free.

  1. 2. They’re designed specifically for colder temperatures

Regular wipers are made with certain rubbers and plastics that work perfectly for most temperatures and conditions. But once the mercury dips under a certain temperature, those materials get brittle and less malleable. Toyota Genuine Winter Wipers are made thicker and stronger. They have fewer moving parts and are made of high-strength, non-corrosive materials. The blades are made with a softer rubber. Basically, winter wipers are little sliding ice tanks that smash away any snow and ice that gets in your way. Pretty amazing when you think about it.

  1. 3. Spoilers: Winter wipers have spoilers

Spoilers aren’t just for movie blog comment sections. The spoilers on Toyota Genuine Winter Wipers do two very clever things. First, they use your vehicle’s airflow to help push the wipers blades firmly onto your windshield. Second, the spoilers help clear away snow and ice build-up.


  1. 4. They actually wear armour. That’s right, armour.

Those spoilers we talked about above? They’re not just flimsy plastic toy airplane spoilers. They’re actually a high-grade, flexible, synthetic-blend protective armoured shell that drastically increases durability in the most extreme conditions.

  1. 5. Winter is much more fun when you get out there and enjoy it.

Carnivals. Tobagganing. Sleigh rides. Hot chocolate after a day of skiing. Winter Carnivals. Snowflakes landing on your tongue. Drawing happy faces in the ice on your side window. When you can drive safe and worry-free, winter can be the greatest time of year.

So there you go – Toyota Genuine Winter Wipers are highly advanced action movie tech that gives you the superpower of enjoying winter.