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Spring Clean Your Toyota With Toyota Touch Professional Detailing

Apr 15, 2019

Cleanliness goes a long way towards keeping your Toyota looking new for as long as possible, and there’s no understating the value of regular car washes and interior cleaning to protect your vehicle from sun, sand, salt, water and grime.

There is, however, only so much a regular car wash — even a full-service wash — can accomplish. For a complete clean, participating Toyota dealers offer Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing.

There are three levels of service: Deluxe, Premium and Ultimate.


The first level of detailing gives your Toyota a meticulous hand washing and drying of the exterior, as well as detailed interior cleaning, which includes vacuuming seats, carpets and floor mats, as well as cleaning the glass and instrument panel.


Your fully trained technician follows that up with deodorizing the passenger compartment and giving a detailed interior and exterior inspection, which gives you the chance to fix small problems before they become big problems.


The next level takes everything in Deluxe but adds a power wash of the wheels, inner fenders and undercarriage, a thorough vacuum of the trunk, a shampoo of the floor mats and a spot shampoo of any stains. It also includes a two-step paint restoration process that includes machine polishing and Toyota paint finish sealant, to keep your Toyota looking shiny and new.


Premium service also includes treating interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim — which helps prevent drying and cracking — and lubricating the locks and hinges.


The highest level of service combines all that Deluxe and Premium have to offer and adds a shampoo of the engine compartment and lower body with degreasing. There’s also a three-step paint restoration process that removes environmental residues. All your interiors will be treated to a complete cleaning, with a shampoo of fabric seats, carpets, mats and door panels, and a fabric protectant will be applied on passenger compartment fabrics.

À la Carte Service

You can also pick and choose detailing services at participating Toyota dealers, including a hand wash, wash and Toyota Paint Finish Sealant Application, machine polish including wash and residue removal, undercarriage power wash, engine shampoo, Aquapel® Glass Treatment – which is a water-repellent treatment designed to improve driver visibility and protect auto glass from dirt – interior shampoo, shampooing carpet mats, fabric protectant application and leather conditioner application.

Why are these services important?

Dirt is the enemy of longevity. In carpets and seat fabrics, dirt breaks down fibres and leads to bare patches or holes. A shampoo is the best way to clean out deep-down dirt particles. On the undercarriage, it traps moisture and accelerates rust. In the engine compartment, it can wear moving parts and trap heat.

Early treatment of spot stains helps lessen the odds of permanent staining.

Toyota Tech Detailing Car

Washing by hand is by far the best way to clean the exterior. Touchless automatic car washes are good for a quick cleaning, and even the best brushless automatic washes will eventually lead to paint swirling and micro-scratches. Hand washing allows the technician to get into the hard-to-reach areas that give your Toyota its unique character.

Paint restoration will freshen the look of your Toyota, while the paint sealant will help keep it looking that way.

As well, the detailed exterior inspection identifies any spots that may need a paint touch-up. Chips in the clear coat lead to premature aging of the paint underneath, while chips that continue through the paint lead eventually to rust.

Your Toyota dealer will sell you a Toyota Touch-Up Paint Pen, which is a handy way to repair minor scratches and nicks caused to stones and road debris. The pen is available in the exact colours and finishes to match your Toyota’s paint.

Your Toyota is engineered for years of reliable service. Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing is the best way to make sure your Toyota’s new-car appearance lasts just as long.