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The perfect start: How Toyota batteries are your best option

Aug 06, 2019

A properly functioning battery is incredibly important to your vehicle’s performance. But a battery doesn’t really give owners any signs of a drop-off in performance; your vehicle starts and runs like normal... until that one morning when it doesn’t.

Here’s some tips to make sure your Toyota has the right battery in the right condition, so you can go explore without worrying about a no-start situation.

Canada is nice, but not to Batteries

As you probably well know, Canada is a country of extreme temperatures. And nothing ages a battery like extreme temperatures. Most of us know that cold is brutal on batteries. But it’s also true that extreme heat compromises a battery’s performance and even internal structure. It’s one of the many reasons we recommend getting your battery tested before winter, or even before spring.

Even batteries don’t like city driving

To extend battery life, your Toyota actually recharges your battery using your running engine as a generator. But that only kicks in at speeds over 60 kph. When you drive in heavy city traffic and use the lights, wipers, A/C, and radio (sometimes all at once), your battery doesn’t recharge during that time. It does recharge the next time you speed up for a while. But city driving is another factor in your battery’s life.

Why Toyota Premium Batteries are right for your Toyota

Another way to make sure your vehicle will stay charged and running is to make sure you have the right battery for your vehicle. Toyota Premium Batteries are designed, engineered and rigorously tested to meet your Toyota’s exact specs in terms of voltage, physical size, and terminal configuration. They’re also made to be perfectly compatible with Toyota vehicles’ electrical and charging systems.

Our engineers really want us to tell you about a number of Toyota-exclusive engineering advancements. Like a specially formulated electrolyte, which uses demineralized water for significantly reduced water loss and gassing. (We weren’t sure why the engineers were so excited about this, until they explained that it will greatly increase maintenance-free battery life.)

Toyota Premium Batteries also feature reserve capacity. This stores energy that can be used the second your car starts, ensuring that you’ll have the power needed to start your Toyota in even the most extreme conditions.

Keep your juice fresh

A lot of conditions factor into how long your battery will last: temperature, driving conditions, driving habits, and of course, age. Most vehicles’ battery life span is about 4 to 5 years. After that, reliability starts to become a factor.

You can’t just blue-bin batteries

It’s one of the reasons we recommend getting your battery changed at your nearest Toyota dealer. Toyota’s recycling partner uses a closed-loop process to make sure harmful pollutants don’t escape. And manages to re-use almost 100% of the materials to remold and create brand new batteries.

An expert look at your battery

Request a service appointment, your local Toyota technician will make sure your battery is installed the right way with clean, secure connections. They’ll also inspect your cable and battery tray and look for any potentially problematic corrosion. Plus, any Toyota Premium Battery they install has a warranty coverage.

Stay positive all year long

As you can see, we put a lot of thought and engineering behind the battery that helps power your Toyota. It’s really important to us that you can rely on your Toyota every day, in every type of driving condition. Getting a Toyota Premium Battery and making sure it’s checked regularly will give you the peace of mind to get out there safely and with confidence.