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Run smoothly this fall: Ways to prevent wear and tear on your Toyota

Sep 07, 2019

Toyota Oil Service

Your Toyota’s engine is composed of over 10,000 separate moving parts. Which gives you an idea why the right oil is essential to keep your Toyota running smoothly for as long as possible.
Here are 3 ways to make sure your Toyota runs smoothly and your engine is protected from energy loss, friction, and high temperatures.


1 – Use the Right Oil for Your Vehicle.

All motor oils are made with the intention of protecting an engine from energy loss, heat stress, and the wearing between contact surfaces that are caused by friction and high temperatures within that engine.

But different vehicle manufacturers have different engine designs so their engines demand different things from their motor oils. Toyota Genuine Motor Oil is formulated specifically for the unique conditions inside your vehicle’s engine. They’re formulated with an exact combination of base stocks and special additives designed for optimal performance for Toyotas, and only Toyotas.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oils are designed with the following 5 properties to protect your Toyota’s quality and performance:

- Lubrication to reduce friction

- Cooling aspect to absorb engine heat

- Sealing function to prevent loss of power

- Rust/corrosion prevention

- Cleansing function to remove soot and other buildup

And every year, Toyota engineers test and refine additives to constantly improve the compound as conditions change year to year.


2 – When it comes to oil, fresh is best.

Toyota Genuine Motor Oil may be a marvel of modern engineering. But after a few million engine revolutions, even the most premium motor oil wears down. Additives break down and need to be replaced. Unwanted particles build up. And the chemical properties that make your motor oil so effective begin to degrade.

It’s paramount to change your oil regularly. In fact, regular oil changes may be the single most important thing you can do to prolong your Toyota’s life.  Check your vehicle’s maintenance schedule to find the recommended interval for your specific vehicle.

Toyotal Oil Service

3 – Your motor oil is only as good as your filter.

You know all that technical information we just said about Toyota Genuine Motor Oils? Most of it doesn’t mean a thing...if you have a substandard oil filter that’s been left on your vehicle too long.

The right oil filter is a big factor in your Toyota’s long-term health. That’s why we recommend a Toyota Genuine Motor Oil Filter. They’re designed in tandem with Toyota Engineers specifically for your vehicle so it’s the best at removing harmful particles. That protects your engine and extends its life.

Our Toyota Genuine Oil Filter also has a very special feature - a check and release valve that lets oil flow, even with a blocked filter. This ensures your car is ready and lubricated the second you start. That greatly decreases engine wear and tear. Which means an even longer life for your Toyota.

Toyota Oil Filter

3b – Don’t get too attached to your Oil Filter.

Like any filter, residue and particles build up over time so it’s important to change your oil filter at regular intervals. You can always ask your Toyota Service Advisor about the right oil and filter change schedule for your vehicle. We also provide a safe and eco-friendly way to recycle oil filters.


Keep your Toyota genuinely healthy.

Oil and oil filters are an easy thing to ignore. But a regular change of your Toyota Genuine Motor Oil and Toyota Genuine Oil Filters is an important, easy and inexpensive way to keep your Toyota healthy, happy, and ready to explore for years to come.  Have fun out there!