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Global supply issues affecting the automotive manufacturing industry are causing new vehicle delivery delays and inventory of some vehicles may be limited. Please for information about availability of your preferred Toyota vehicle.

Hit the brakes: B.C Residents Could get 10% Off Their Auto Insurance

Jan 29, 2020

As far as vehicle safety standards go, brakes are at the top of the list, and now, residents of British Columbia can get a 10% insurance premium reduction on basic and some optional insurance coverages for driving a vehicle equipped with Autonomous Emergency Braking or AEB.

Toyota Safety brakes


What is Toyota’s Pre-Collision System?*

This is Toyota’s name for our state of the art Autonomous Emergency Braking system. To put it simply for the average person, this is a technological safety feature that allows your vehicle to anticipate when a front-end collision is at risk of happening and automatically engages the brake mechanism without the driver’s action to help minimize the severity of impact.

Why is it so important? Because according to consumer reports, studies are clearly showing prevention of crashes when this safety feature is part of a vehicle.

Why else is it so important? Because Toyota engineering prides itself on having world-class safety standards with each and every vehicle it puts out on the road and onto your family’s driveway.

All great news, because all Toyotas equipped with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) qualify for this insurance premium reduction. Toyota Safety Sense is an active suite of advanced safety features, including the Pre-Collision System. To see if your vehicle qualifies for this discount, check your owner’s manual for the Pre-Collision System feature.


Toyota Safety Sense 2.0**

This is Toyota’s latest active safety system, combining 5 driver assistance system at once! These include the Pre-Collision System with Daytime/Low-Light vehicle and pedestrian detection, Lane Departure Alert with Steering Assist and Road Edge Detection, Automatic High Beam, Lane Trace Assist, and Full Speed Range Dynamic Cruise Control.


Toyota Safety Sense P

This is Toyota’s advanced safety package, designed with 4 active safety and driver assistance systems working in unison, including the Pre-Collision System, Lane Departure Alert, Automatic high Beam, and Dynamic Radar Cruise Control.

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Toyota Safety Sense C

This version of Toyota Safety Sense is designed with compact vehicles like the Yaris hatchback and the Prius C in mind. TSS C works like clockwork with 3 major systems at the forefront. These include the Pre-collision System, Lane Departure Alert, and Automatic High Beam.


Brake safety 2020

The Lineup

In the meantime, for those of you who are in the market for a new Toyota, all of our 2020 line-up will qualify for this discount with the exception of our exhilarating 86 sports car. Here are some of the options that might just be perfect for you.


2020 Corolla: A Legend Reborn

When it comes to reliable cars, the Toyota Corolla is a favourite among Toyota buyers. This year, this timeless classic has been reinvented with a bold new style and Toyota’s continued commitment to driver and passenger safety with Toyota’s newest advanced active safety system.

2020 Corolla Hybrid

The Corolla comes with the aforementioned Pre-Collision System among other standard goodies like pedestrian detection, bicycle detection and lane departure alert. It all falls under Toyota Safety Sense 2.0 package where Toyota believes that no matter the destination, everyone deserves to arrive safely.

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2020 Prius: Safety Electrified

Vehicle electrification is beginning to take place on a number of vehicles on the market. More and more consumers are beginning to trust the technology, fuel savings, and environmental benefits that can be found with owning an electric or hybrid vehicle. The Toyota Prius is of course the pioneer of the hybrid car love affair.

2020 Prius AWD

As the decades go by, the Prius continues to adapt to the times and that includes the way it tackles road safety. The Prius is also equipped with the Pre-Collision System under the TSS P safety suite of features.

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2020 RAV4: Real Reliability

SUV’s have their work cut out for them if they want to match the continued legacy of the RAV4. The RAV4 has made a reputation with its motto of “More Out There,” a call to explore and live life on your terms.

Rav4 Lineup 2020

Behind all the freedom, there’s a sense of confidence that comes from a well-equipped car, and Toyota has always been conscious of creating a safety backbone for every adventure.

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An Insurance Friendly Decision

More good news, making the choice to drive a Toyota vehicle with Toyota Safety Sense (TSS) will qualify you for Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) insurance premium reductions in British Columbia. Toyota owners need to ensure their Insurance agents are aware so they can ensure the insurance premium reduction can be applied. Living outside of British Columbia? Be sure to check with your insurance provider if they offer a similar discount.

*The TSS Pre-Collision System is designed to help avoid or reduce the impact speed and damage in certain frontal collisions only. The Pedestrian Detection system is designed to detect a pedestrian ahead of the vehicle, determine if impact is imminent and help reduce impact speed. It is not a substitute for safe and attentive driving. System effectiveness depends on many factors, such as speed, size and position of pedestrians, driver input and weather, light and road conditions. Please see, your local Toyota Dealer or Owner’s Manual for details.

**Drivers should always be responsible for their own safe driving. Please always pay attention to your surroundings and drive safely. Depending on the conditions of roads, vehicles, weather, etc., the TSS systems may not work as intended. Please see, your local Toyota Dealer or Owner’s Manual for details.