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Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing Service: Get Your Shine On!

Jun 23, 2020

Looking forward to getting outside? Your Toyota is too. That first long, sunny drive will feel incredible after so many days of inactivity. That’s true for your Toyota as well. Get your Toyota vehicle detailed and cleaned properly and you’ll get that new car look when you get back out there.



Your Toyota goes through a lot

In Canada, vehicles are subjected to a lot of adverse conditions, which makes car detailing more important. Extreme temperature changes. Salt. Dirt. Plus, the normal wear-and-tear of everyday use. Your paint is also under constant stress from the same elements -- from sun, salt, dirt, rocks, and other contaminants.

Your engine compartment is one of those parts of your Toyota that don’t need ‘repairing’ per se. But eventually, grease and dirt buildup lead to wearing out of moving parts and excess heat, both of which may cause much bigger problems down the road.

Even your vehicle’s interior takes damage from the sun, causing stress on the vinyl and fabric.

And if your vehicle isn’t properly cleaned, that dirt buildup breaks down fibers in carpets and seat fabrics and increases the chances of permanent staining.

So, having your vehicle cleaned and detailed by a certified Toyota Touch detailer is actually a great way to prolong that shine you get with a new car.

Made in Canada for use in Canada

All of the Toyota Touch products are made right here in Canada, all designed specifically for detailing Toyota vehicles and the extreme conditions we deal with in the Great White North. The formulations are constantly updated to make sure they provide maximum effectiveness on Toyota’s specific interior and exterior coverings. Plus, they’re completely safe to use, with no phosphates or harsh chemicals. You’ll find Toyota Touch products exclusively at your nearest Toyota dealership.

Hand-washing is better, hands down

Touchless automatic car washes are fine for the occasional quick clean, but even the best brushless washes will lead to micro-scratches and paint swirling. Hand-washing maintains the integrity of the paint, plus it lets the detailer access all those hard-to-reach areas a touchless wash just won’t find.

Restore your Toyota’s youthful glow

Paint restoration and paint sealant help keep your Toyota looking as good as new. Chips in the clear coat lead to premature aging of the paint underneath, while chips that continue through the paint can eventually lead to rust. So, we perform a detailed exterior inspection to find any spots that may need a paint touch-up.

Now that you know the benefits of Toyota Touch, let’s take a closer look at the different tiers of car detailing.




Deluxe gives your Toyota a meticulous hand-washing and drying of the exterior, as well as interior cleaning and sanitizing. This includes vacuuming seats, floor mats and carpets, plus cleaning the dashboard, windows and instrument panel. Your fully trained Toyota certified detailer follows that up with a deodorizing that provides an anti-microbial and sanitizing treatment of the passenger compartment, plus a detailed inspection looking for any minor interior issues. This gives you the opportunity to fix small problems before they become big problems.


The next level gives you everything in Deluxe, but adds a power wash of the wheels, inner fenders and undercarriage, a thorough vacuum of the trunk, a shampoo of the floor mats, and a spot shampoo of any stains. You also get a two-step paint restoration process that includes machine polishing/wax and Toyota paint finish sealant.

We also treat the interior and exterior rubber and vinyl trim — which helps prevent drying and cracking — and lubricate the locks and hinges.


This is our highest level of service. It combines all that Deluxe and Premium have to offer and adds a shampoo of the engine compartment and lower body with degreasing. There’s also a three-step paint restoration process that removes environmental residues. Your interior gets a complete cleaning, with a shampoo of fabric seats, carpets, mats and door panels. Plus, a fabric protectant is applied on passenger compartment fabrics. This is truly for the automotive enthusiast.

A la carte service

Another option you have is to pick and choose detailing services at participating Toyota dealers, including a hand-wash, Toyota Paint Finish Sealant Application, machine polish including wash, wax and residue removal, undercarriage power wash, engine shampoo, interior shampoo, shampooing of carpet mats, fabric protectant application, and leather conditioner application.



Toyota Touch – Make that new car look last longer

Proper cleaning and detailing are often overlooked when taking care of a vehicle, but they're vital parts of keeping your Toyota looking its best. With a Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing service, you can feel good using the right products that were made for your Toyota. Get out there and shine on!