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Hello Spring! Seasonal Maintenance Tips For Your Toyota

Mar 26, 2024

Toyota vehicles are known for their longevity, and coming in for a spring check-in can keep your vehicle performing at its best. Winter weather conditions take a toll on our vehicle, so it’s always a good idea to stay on top of the parts that are most affected during the harsh winter season.

2024 Corolla Hybrid

Our experts recommend servicing your vehicle every 6 months or 8,000 km according to your personalized maintenance schedule to make sure your vehicle is in optimal shape for the season ahead. We’ll take you through some of the parts that might have been impacted by colder conditions and how Toyota University Trained Technicians can help your vehicle transition into spring.

Vehicle Parts Impacted By Cold Weather Conditions

12V Battery:

In temperatures below 0ºC, your 12V battery works harder to create and hold the charge that starts your vehicle and powers other features like lights, climate control, and infotainment to name a few. While there are ways to help maintain your vehicle battery’s performance over the winter season, there’s a chance the colder weather took a toll on your battery’s ability to perform at its best.


Drivers are typically harder on their brakes in slippery winter road conditions, leading to increased wear on your brake pads and rotors, which affects your vehicle’s ability to slow down to a controlled and timely stop.

Wiper Blades:

A common mistake drivers make in the winter is using wiper blades to remove heavy snow, slush and thin layers of ice from their windshield. While this may seem like an effective way to clear the windshield, it can damage the rubber on your wiper blades.

Did you know? Certain windshield wipers are meant for specific seasons. Speak with your Toyota Service advisor about which wipers are best suited for your vehicle for the season ahead.

We’re Here To Help Prepare Your Toyota For Spring

During a spring check-in or a regular service appointment, Toyota University Trained Technicians will ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition for the season ahead. They will perform a 12V Battery Health Check, inspect your brakes and brake components and check the condition of your wiper blades, recommending new vehicle part replacements if necessary.

More Ways You Can Get Ready For The Season Ahead

Make the switch to all-season tires

Toyota Tire Experts recommend switching to all-season tires when the average daily temperature rises above 7ºC as they provide better traction and handling on warmer pavement than winter tires. Our tire experts will also check to see if your tires are in good shape by inspecting them for worn tread or bulges and cracks in the sidewall.

Plus, select Toyota Dealers offer tire storage for winter tires. Talk to your Dealer about tire storage options and maximize your space for seasonal gear.

TIP: Checking your tire tread at home is easy. Simply insert a toonie into a tire groove with the polar bear’s feet facing in. If you see the top half of the letters or more on the silver rim, your tire tread may be too low to maintain proper traction.

Did you know? Toyota offers 17 of Canada’s top all-season tire brands. And if you find tires at a better price elsewhere, Toyota will match it. That’s our Tire Price Match Promise.

Keep your Toyota Looking Fresh

Your vehicle’s exterior may be showing the effects of the winter season as well. The combination of moisture from snow and slush with the harshness of salt can take a toll over the cold months. Toyota Touch Cleaning and Detailing service will give your vehicle that good-as-new look and feel inside and out, while protecting it from seasonal elements this spring like sun, water, sand and more.

Stay informed year-round with Service Connect

Exclusively available at Toyota Dealers, Service Connect provides you with Vehicle Health Reports, so you know the status of your vehicle all year long. Plus, when a warning light comes on, you’ll automatically get a notification in your Toyota app, and your dedicated Toyota Dealer will reach out to schedule a service appointment, so you don’t have to1. Talk to your Toyota Dealer to find out if your vehicle is compatible with Service Connect.

Make A Date For A Springtime Check-In

Now that you know what parts might have been affected by the cold, you’re all set to prepare your vehicle for the new season. If you’d like a Toyota University Trained Technician to take a closer look at your ride, bring it in for a spring service appointment, and be sure to follow your regular maintenance schedule of every 6 months of 8,000 km. As always, if you have any questions about your car maintenance, Toyota experts are here to help.

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1Actual response time will vary by Dealer. Information provided is based on the last time data was collected from the vehicle and is not real time data. Service Connect is not renewable as a stand-alone service and requires a subscription to any of Safety Connect, Remote Connect or Drive Connect upon trial expiration. See usage precautions and service limitations in Owner’s Manual and