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SUV or minivan: Which is the best family vehicle?

Jul 20, 2017

“What’s the best family car?”

That’s a question with a lot of potential answers. To put it simply, the right car for any family will be the one that best meets its unique needs and specific demands.

The best family car for many families might not even be a car at all. Increasingly, Canadians are looking at Crossovers, SUVs, and Minivans as options. With family-friendly designs across all the line-up, Toyota has Canadian families covered, no matter their needs and tastes.

So what vehicle types could be right for your family?

The 7+ Seater SUVs

2017 Toyota Highlander in Red

For bigger families - or families with more to pack - 7 seater or even 8 seater models like the Toyota Highlander are great place to start. Ideal for larger families who frequently carpool, or any family who often runs a vehicle full of adult occupants, an 8-passenger crossover offers efficient performance and a car-like driving character, but with room and seating to spare.

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Families after space galore with maximum toughness and capability often consider a full-sized SUV.  Benefits include enhanced off-road capability, V8 power, and added durability for the frequent tackling of rougher terrain.

The Toyota Sequoia is a leading example of a dependable, proven, and comfortable full-sized SUV, thanks to its high-efficiency V8 engine, generous towing rating, and proven performance for tackling heavy-duty workloads.


Best of all, Sequoia’s intelligent suspension design means that truck-like toughness doesn’t come at the expense of ride comfort or handling. A variety of thoughtful design touches throughout the cabin and cargo area mean Sequoia can easily transition from task to task with ease.

The Minivan

Delivering hard-to-beat space, seating and flexibility for the dollar, the minivan is a versatility expert. Parents of young children gravitate towards minivans for their easy-to-access cabin, abundant cargo room, and sliding doors. As families grow, the generous size of a minivan like the Toyota Sienna is right there with them.

2017 Toyota Sienna in White

With multiple rows of folding seats and plentiful storage, the Sienna is popular with families who need to transport large amounts of gear, supplies, or cargo, or for any family with students who may have an upcoming move to a new town.

For larger and active families after top levels of safety and confidence on any drive, the Toyota Sienna packs some of the highest levels of standard safety equipment in the minivan market and is Canada’s only minivan to offer the traction of All Wheel Drive (AWD).

Be sure to try the Easy Speak system, which uses a front-mounted microphone to play mom and dad’s voice over the rear speakers, easing conversations with rear-seat passengers.

Learn MoreExplore the Toyota Sienna Here

The Hybrid Options

For the environmentally-conscious family, the best family car might be a hybrid-- which combines the efforts of a high-efficiency gasoline engine and an electric motor drive system.

The Prius V is Toyota’s most family-ready dedicated hybrid that builds on the world’s best-selling hybrid car line with a large cargo hold, flexible folding seats, and a commanding driving position.

2017 Prius Prime

Thanks to the design of its body and powertrain, the Prius V offers the versatility and space of a wagon or crossover, the fuel economy, and emissions of a much smaller car and all the intelligent technology to keep you comfortable and safe.

With no compromise to performance and the backing of the world’s foremost hybrid automaker, Prius V makes a great pick for shoppers who want to bring home the benefits of a high-utility hybrid.

The Prius V isn’t the only family-friendly Hybrid option. The Toyota Highlander SUV is also available as a hybrid.

Highlander Hybrid in Blizzard Pearl

At the end of the day, if you’re looking for the best family car, and whether that family car is a car, SUV, minivan, hybrid or crossover, Toyota has you covered with efficiency, technology, safety and value to spare.

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