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Get ready for Highway Thru Hell season six

Aug 25, 2017

After years striving to keep vital trucking routes open along one of the most treacherous roads in North America, Jamie and his team are no strangers to vicious crashes and hard fought recoveries.

Jamie Davis with Toyota Tundra

Despite the team’s considerable experience, Mother Nature still finds ways to make life difficult. This season the team had to battle through record-breaking weather.

Starting September 5 with a two-part premiere, the season is set to have even more nail-biting drama.

Now operating solely out of Hope, BC Jamie is counting on the support of his family in the business, including brother Kelly, and cousin Paris who is joining the team for the first time this season, along with returning team members such as Colin McLean, who makes a surprise comeback to the company.

Back again is Jamie’s dependable partner, his Toyota Tundra, which plays a crucial role in recovery operations. After years on Jamie’s team, the Tundra has a proven track record for strength and reliability when it matters most.

Jamie's team along with other B.C. tow firms Quiring Towing, Aggressive Towing and Mission Towing face more intense challenges this season including dealing with a logging truck in a rising river, and an overturned truck loaded with lava rock.

Check out the Season Premiere on September 5, 10pm ET/PT.