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Meet the Mods of Reddit’s Corolla community

Sep 11, 2017

Got a burning question about your new Corolla iM hatchback? Interested in hearing firsthand experiences from actual owners? Or maybe you just want to show off pictures of your favourite ride? Well, head to reddit and you’ll find /r/COROLLA, a subreddit devoted entirely to Corolla owners and aficionados.

Toyota Corolla and Corolla iM 1008x500

For those that spend more time on the road than following the latest memes, reddit is a popular online community that’s part-news aggregator, part-discussion forum, and part-kitten GIF gallery. It’s also home to thousands of subreddits, or individual forums, each of which specializes in a certain topic or area of interest.

The Corolla subreddit first launched in 2012. From sharing news about the latest models like the Corolla iM hatchback, to swapping stories from the road, it’s an opportunity for owners from around the world to talk all things Corolla.

We spoke with sub moderators Chris and Miles — AKA “carputt” and “Drag0n-R3b0rn”— to learn how far the passion for this vehicle extends, and what leads its users to band together.

Since you’re Corolla lovers, I’m sure you must be drivers too. What are your models?

Chis: I drive the 2016 Corolla, which was my first. I’ve had three Toyota Camrys though, so I’m definitely not new to Toyota. I’m still just as in love with my Corolla as I was the day I bought it. It’s a great car that’s small in size and good on gas.

Miles: The 99 Corolla, was and still is, my first car! The craftsmanship and quality in the making of my vehicle really contributed to my loyalty towards Toyota products.

Being able to ask specific questions from someone that owns the same car as you is a really valuable resource.

How does the new design fit into your lifestyle?

Chris: I’m into sports, and it fits my style on a practical scale. I like the four doors because I’m able to transport friends, groceries, and my dog, while still feeling like I’m driving a sports car. And I really enjoy being able to cruise downtown at night with the windows down and music up!

Miles: I’m a big fan of the new designs. They look sporty and add more character to the car.

Corolla Subreddit Screengrab copy 2

So how long have you been a mod at /r/COROLLA? What’s the experience been like?

Chris: I’ve been a mod of the sub for a little over a year. When I joined, there was effectively no one running it, and as a result, it wasn’t being utilized to its full potential. We’ve definitely grown the sub into a more niche community with regular reviews and questions about Corollas. I truly believe that this sub is helpful to all Corolla owners.

In your opinion, what’s the value of connecting with other like-minded car owners online?

Chris: Being able to ask specific questions from someone that owns the same car as you is a really valuable resource. Subscribers can also gain insights on pricing, features, and even any issues that other owners have run into before they make their own purchase.

Miles: I think this kind of community is highly underrated. I often enjoy adding improvements to my car, but unfortunately there aren’t many people in my area to share my creations. /r/Corolla is a place where I can always receive feedback.

I’m still just as in love with my Corolla as I was the day I bought it

Have you learned anything surprising from your time in the sub?

Chris: That everyone has a different style and taste when it comes to cars. We all drive Corollas, but there are endless opportunities to personalize them. People in the sub will post pictures of their customizations, and some users love the look, and some don’t. But they’re all supportive regardless.

Miles: How involved I would become in cars! I had no idea how many lasting friendships I would be able to make through /r/Corolla.

What’s the best part about being a mod?

Miles: I've immensely enjoyed going from a subscriber and asking a ton of questions, to becoming a part of the leadership with the responsibility to assist new Corolla owners with their questions.

Besides your own of course, can you recommend any other useful, interesting, or funny subreddits for car owners?

: I thoroughly enjoy /r/justrolledintotheshop as it showcases the other side of owning a car, but with a funny twist. It’s a great place to be able to gain insights into the auto repair business and the challenges they face. I also like /r/projectcar because everyone posts their unique car projects, and it can really be inspiring. Some of the projects on there are so creative I wonder where they get their ideas!

Miles: As general discussion places, I absolutely recommend /r/Cars and /r/Toyota! High on my list as well are /r/projectcar and /r/mechanicadvice. Also, /r/shittycarmods is always good for a laugh.