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Corolla Reviews: Six words owners keep using

Oct 04, 2017

Couple Standing in Front of Toyota Corolla in Red

That might sound like a lot of Corolla reviews to get through, but the average rating of 4.8/5 should tell you most of what you need to know.

Even with that many user reviews, it does not take long before certain phrases start to surface again and again.

Based on analysis of recurring phrases in these 200 Toyota Corolla reviews, here are six words that define how Corolla owners feel about their vehicle.

1. “Comfortable”

2017 Toyota Corolla Interior

Whether it’s the generous leg room, the smooth drive, or the impressive list of features and technology, the reviewers value the comfort that their Corolla offers which makes them love being behind the wheel.

It is a very easy car to drive, I am very comfortable driving my Toyota".

“Extremely happy with gas consumption and seats are very comfortable.”

“Fun to drive; new improved design offering very comfortable ride and surprising leg room front and back, Great car and Super reliable.”

2. “Fun”

Couple Beside 2017 Corolla in Red

With its Valvematic engine and CVTi-s transmission, the Corolla is engineered to provide a drive that is not only precise and efficient but, according to the reviewers, a fun one as well.

“Very much enjoying my new toyota. love the features and all the safety features. fun to drive.”

“I am very happy to be back with Toyota, and I look forward to many reliable years of driving fun!”

“I am so happy with this car. I love it. Handles great and is really fun to drive. So glad i bought it.”

3. “Amazing”

Toyota Corolla Front View In Blue Crush

For every owner, it might be something different. Whether it’s the advanced safety features that comprise Toyota Safety Sense™, the driving dynamics, or the impressive list of features, there’s consistently something to amaze most Corolla owners.

“I bought my new Toyota 2 months ago now and am enjoying every minute of it. The ride is smooth. The features are easy to use. The new safety features are amazing.”

“I bought it a month ago, and I couldn't be more happy with it. Amazing ride, sound from the audio system.”

“With all the amazing features, I have so much less to worry about and feel so safe and secure, thank you Toyota for helping me pursue the dream of having that new car experience!”

“The interior is amazing! I love the sleek lines and bluetooth really makes the difference along with the heated bucket seats and backup camera. It's an automatic and the sport mode  really makes the car so much more peppy and brake mode slows it down when wanted below 50-60 kms to save brakes which I love.”

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4. “Reliable”

Toyota Corolla in Falcon Grey Metallic

Reliability has been the hallmark of the Corolla for decades. An estimated 85 per cent of Toyota’s built in the past 20 years are still on the road today.*

From the low maintenance cost, to the high resale value you can expect from Toyota, the Corolla’s reliability doesn’t just give owners absolute confidence, but strong value for money in the long run. Kelley Blue Book awarded the Toyota Corolla the 2017 Best Compact Car in their 2017 five year cost to own awards.**

Even when things do go wrong there’s the reassurance of a 3-year, 60,000km warranty and Toyota Roadside assistance to give you peace of mind.

“I was looking for a safe, reliable and affordable vehicle for my kids.  The Toyota Corolla I purchased is all of that.  Built according to Toyota's quality standards with many features on top.”

“Overall, I'm happy I bought a 2017 Corolla!  Historically, it's been a reliable vehicle, I'm looking forward to owning it for a long time.”

“I bought a 2017 LE CVT back in december of 2016. I moved out to Medicine Hat, Alberta for work and needed a small reliable car to whip around in and so far it has not disappointed me.”

5. “Sporty”

Toyota Corolla in Red

In the more than 50 years the Corolla has been available in Canada a lot has changed about how it looks. With this latest version, owners agree that the athletic and sleek design make it the sportiest looking Corolla yet.

“I have had my new Toyota Corolla XSE for a month now and I love it! The improved exterior  from the previous year make it look sporty and fun.”

“Love the new look with super sporty and modern looking grill and headlights! Also has been great on gas!”

“I have owned many Toyotas an will continue to do so. This car is sporty looking without sacrificing all its great features, including the additional safety features.”

6. “Happy”

Toyotoa Corolla Interior Front

Joy is perhaps the overriding feeling of owning a Corolla. From its looks, to the innovative technology, its comfort and its durability, the Toyota Corolla provides a lasting sense of happiness of making the right decision.

“I am SO happy with my (first) new car! After 5 years of driving my wife's 2005 Corolla (which is still running beautifully), it was time for me to get one of my own. Even though I shopped around, in the back of my mind I always knew that I would wind up buying a Corolla."

“So happy with the car. I love the features and it's comfortable to drive. good on gas too.”

“Extremely happy with gas consumption and seats are very comfortable.”

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* Based on IHS Automotive: Polk Canadian vehicles in operation and new registrations for MY 1996-2015 as of June 30, 2015.

** See: