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How two design teams combined to build ‘Happiness by Design’

Dec 19, 2017

How ready are we to fully embrace an AI filled world – where technology learns adapts and constantly optimizes? What does this future look and feel like, and how does this affect how we think, connect and feel as humans?

Corolla iM teamed up with Motherboard to create ‘Happiness by Design’, an installation using machine learning to form emotional connections in real time.

Happiness by Design is an installation that is about creating connections between humans through artificial intelligence.

Two award-winning design teams Public Visualization Studio and Stacklab designed and built an immersive, reactive experience that connects people and technology through the marriage of human interaction and machine learning.  Inside the Corolla iM was the heartbeat of the installation. It reacted to the energy and connections being made everywhere during this experience.

Play the video below to learn more about the installation.