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Global supply issues affecting the automotive manufacturing industry are causing new vehicle delivery delays and inventory of some vehicles may be limited. Please for information about availability of your preferred Toyota vehicle.

Toyota C-HR: The Toyota of the Compact Utility Scene

May 14, 2018

C-HR Parked Near Mountains and Lake

All forecasts point towards a heat wave in the small utility vehicle scene, as Canadian shoppers take a rapidly growing interest in the industry’s latest breed of small crossover models. Manufacturers from around the globe are quickly joining the small utility vehicle marketplace, and the striking 2018 C-HR brings Toyota’s presence to the forefront in a big way.

The Toyota C-HR’s most powerful asset is its styling, which looks sensational from a mere glance. With the C-HR, designers created a vehicle with unmatched visual bang-for-the-buck. The goal was simple: The C-HR’s design intends to put one of the most distinctive, sophisticated and unique-looking vehicles on the road within reach of drivers. It’s all about satisfying the shopper who wants to make a statement and be rewarded over and over again by how impressive their vehicle looks. Combining elegant sculpting with an alert, athletic and expressive appearance has created a compelling package that demands attention and inspires curiosity wherever it goes.

An Investment You’ll Feel Good About

For affordable access to an intensely unique-looking vehicle, the C-HR is without rival. Of course, C-HR is a machine with many talents — and its appearance is only part of the package.

As the segment’s only Toyota, C-HR is the only vehicle among all competitors to offer core brand attributes as standard. As a Toyota, the C-HR delivers plenty of confidence for shoppers by way of Toyota’s tried and proven reputation for quality, durability, fuel efficiency, long-term peace of mind, and reliability. Put simply, the C-HR is a smart and compelling choice, both as a product and as a long-term investment. As one of the most modern vehicles in its segment, C-HR also delivers the latest in fuel-saving technology, safety technology, and connectivity.

C-HR Interior

Built Specifically for You

From the ground up, C-HR was designed to be highly customizable — allowing shoppers to easily devise a vehicle that’s perfectly tailored to their needs, tastes, budget and lifestyle.

A single C-HR model is the starting point. It includes all must-have features as standard, including heated seats, a touch-screen central infotainment interface with Bluetooth, and 17-inch wheels. Also included is the Toyota Safety SenseTM system, which networks an array of the industry’s most advanced safety systems to help bolster confidence and peace of mind on any drive.

From that basis, shoppers can specify the XLE Premium package, which adds advanced feature content including Toyota’s Smart Key system with push-button start, heated power-fold mirrors, a Blind Spot Monitor System with Rear Cross-Traffic Alert, up-sized wheels, and more.

Next, choose your appearance. The C-HR is offered with nine paint colors, including various hues available in combination with a unique white-painted roof for an exclusive custom touch.

C-HR driving at night time.


Accessorize for Your Lifestyle

A variety of accessories are also available to customize your C-HR to any activity or lifestyle. Various protective implements help protect the C-HR’s interior from wear and tear, and cargo organizers can be specified to help keep items secure and intact, no matter the adventure at hand. Various roof rack and cargo carrier systems can be specified as well, when shoppers need to bring larger gear and equipment along for the trip.

To enhance the visual punch of the C-HR, a variety of dress-up accessories are also on offer, including unique accessory wheels, fog lamps, hood deflectors, and a rear bumper garnish. Best of all, Toyota accessories are competitively priced, warranty-approved, and built to the same quality standards as the C-HR itself. They’re also stocked locally at your dealer, so there’s no shipping or duty costs to worry about.

All said, no other small crossover matches the C-HR for combining long-haul value, rewarding style, customizability, and advanced safety features. For more information on the Toyota C-HR, and to design and price your own, click here to give the C-HR’s build-and-price configurator a whirl.