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Road-Trip Essentials: Top Ten Accessories and Must-Haves for the Perfect Summer Road Trip

May 24, 2018


RAV4 Road Trip

We know that sometimes the best part of any journey is just getting there, which is why equipping yourself with the perfect accessories is essential when you’re planning a summer road trip. We’ve developed a list of the top ten you’ll need to kickstart your vacation and make sure you (and your car) arrive safely and in style!

1. Dash Camera

Wish you’d captured that beautiful sunset for your Instagram feed? No sweat! Let your dash cam collect memories for you as you keep your hands on the wheel and focus on driving. Use the event recording mode to capture important moments and play them back on your smartphone or computer easily using a free app or software.

2. Playlists

Music lovers know the importance of a killer playlist for staying alert and having something to bop along to during long drives. Curate a themed track-list or source a few favourite ready-made lists, then hit play and start cruising.

3. Bluetooth Speakers

Whether rap is your go-to or you’re more partial to country, now you can listen to your favourite music anytime and anywhere with the portable Dryve Bluetooth speaker. Whether you’re taking a break from the road or are looking for entertainment at your destination, these speakers were made with your enjoyment in mind. The high-quality sound, hands-free nature and AntiSlip base make it easy to tune in from wherever the road may take you.

4. Audio Books

Have some summer reading to catch up on? Use your time behind the wheel to catch up on beach reads or this year’s top-sellers. Audio books are a great way to stay entertained during long hours on the road AND make sure you’re staying on schedule with your book club.

RAV4 with Roof Rack and Towing Hitch

5. Towing Hitch

Bring the fun along with you, or should we say, tow it behind you! Attach your camper, motorboat or trailer to your car safely and easily for family camping trips or long weekend ventures to the lake. Designed and tested to meet quality standards, you won’t have to keep an eye on your rearview window to know your trip essentials are along for the ride.

6. Snacks

It’s important to stay hydrated and nourished while you’re on the road, especially if you’re driving for long periods of time. Store a cooler with bottles of water and healthy bites like fruit, nuts and veggies so that when hunger strikes, you don’t have to stop at the next drive-thru.

7. Roof Rack

Running low on storage space? Free up space in the cab of the vehicle by storing gear, coolers, bikes and more up top on a roof rack. It’s a win-win - nothing will get left behind and your friends with long legs will thank you (trust us)!

8. First Aid Kit

Accidents and illnesses are never planned, and sometimes medical help isn’t on the immediate horizon. Keeping a small kit with bandages, antiseptic wipes, pain medication, ointment and more in the car makes sure you’re prepared no matter what happens.

Blankets and pillows packed for a road trip.

9. Blankets & Pillows

Resting and recharging on the go is important, but pit stops aren’t always possible, especially under a time crunch. Take turns driving so everyone behind the wheel can get the rest they need during long drives. For passengers, bring along blankets and pillows to make your seat a bit more comfortable to create an upright bed with your seatbelt on.

10. Emergency Roadside Kit

Every driver knows that an emergency kit can be helpful for avoiding “speed bumps” on your trip. Don’t forget to pack everything you’d need to tide you over while you wait for Toyota Roadside Assistance. Things you might want to include are: flashlights, duct tape, booster cables, tow ropes, screwdrivers, pliers and more.

Feeling ready to hit the road, now that you have inspiration for your packing list? Browse through more accessories options to bring along on your trip on our website.