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Global supply issues affecting the automotive manufacturing industry are causing new vehicle delivery delays and inventory of some vehicles may be limited. Please for information about availability of your preferred Toyota vehicle.

How to Save on Gas with Toyota Hybrids

Nov 28, 2019

We’ve all been in this situation - you’re driving along and notice the gas needle is getting closer and closer to empty. Eyes are peeled for the nearest gas station, but the prices aren’t lining up with your wallet. Kilometres pass, the needle is plunging rapidly and you’re finally forced to pull into the nearest station, reluctantly.

2020 Prius AWD

Canadians can spend more on gas than they’d like to. With recent price increases, particularly in British Columbia, many Canadians are looking to save on gas more than ever. As the best fuel economy cars, buying or leasing a hybrid vehicle could be one way to cut costs.


How Hybrids Reduce Gas

Opting for an alternative powertrain like a hybrid is a great way to save on gas, as their power sources are divided between gas and electric. This means less gas is needed to operate a hybrid in comparison to a gas-only vehicle.

Here are some ways hybrid vehicles help you save on gas more efficiently:

  • During start up, hybrid vehicles use an electric motor to help cut down on gas consumption.
  • When the vehicle is in motion, the gas engine and electric motor work together to respond to driving conditions to make sure the driver has the ideal mix of mechanical and electric power for smooth, seamless acceleration. The electronic continuously variable transmission (eCVT) technology makes this possible, optimizing the output from both the gas and electric motor to achieve the desired speed.
  • When a hybrid vehicle is idling, the gas engine automatically turns off to avoid wasting fuel unnecessarily.


Why Choose a Toyota Hybrid?

Developing the best fuel economy cars is a priority for Toyota. We have sold more than and currently offer more hybrids than any other car manufacturer.  Learn more about our full hybrid line up:


2020 Prius

For saving on gas in style, the 2020 Toyota Prius is known for it's sporty good looks and comfortable interior. It's Eco Drive Monitor shows you when you're using gas or electric engine, making it easier to stay on top of your fuel consumption.

The Prius also uses regenerative braking to reapply excess power used while braking to recharge the battery. Using drivetrain technology, the Prius seamlessly manages transitions between a 1.8 Litre, 4 cylinder engine, electric motor and continuously variable.

2020 Prius

More good news! The Prius is available in All-Wheel-Drive, which is music to the ears of Canadians who are forced to combat the forces of winter on a day to day basis. But how does it work and how does it save you gas?

Prius’ AWD-e uses its electric motors to launch instant torque to the rear wheels whenever you need more traction. Otherwise, the Prius does its thing in front wheel drive and lets you maximize fuel efficiency as seamlessly as possible.

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2020 Prius Prime

The 2020 Prius Prime  is the plug-in sibling of the Prius. It uses the latest in Toyota hybrid technology while helping drivers save on gas with some flair. Available in vibrant colours, style is not an afterthought for this sleek vehicle. With ample cargo space for all passengers, it's a roomy and comfortable drive that drivers and passengers alike will enjoy.

2020 prime

The charging schedule and climate preparation allows you to customize your charging schedule and set the heater or A/C to start at the end of the charging cycle. The Prius Prime is plug-in capable, with EV mode, and traditional power. This allows you to travel for longer without having to stop to recharge. By the way, the Prius Prime offers the longest total driving range of any plug-in electric car with a range of 1,035km/1 combined electric/hybrid driving.

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2020 Corolla Hybrid

Introducing the first-ever Corolla Hybrid. The legendary Corolla adds a new member to the family with a new head-turning design and polished performance in this all-new hybrid sedan model. Oh and yes, all while significantly reducing COemissions. Speaking of form and funtcion, the 7” Digital Speedometer and the 1.8 Litre 4‑Cylinder, Hybrid Synergy Drive are part of the total package.

2020 Corolla Hybrid

It's all part of a perfect ecosystem that helps you save on gas with an average fuel efficiency rating of 4.4L for 100 km in the city and 4.5L for 100km on the highway respectively. With great fuel efficiency and an uncompromised drive, the Corolla Hybrid will get you where you need to go. The best part? There's no need to plug-in this vehicle as it recharges on the go.

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2020 Camry Hybrid

With a wider stance and sharper design, the 2020 Camry Hybrid is ready to make an impression. The 10" head-up display feature offers maximum visibility of the road ahead,  The Camry offers a smoother drive than ever before, with a revamped drivetrain and suspension helping to reduce vibration and distraction.

2020 Camry XLE

You'll gain a sense of stability and confidence behind the wheel of the 2020 Camry Hybrid, and you can choose to drive in "Sport", "Economy" or "Normal" drive mode. All these factors, along with the 208 Net-hp, Hybrid Synergy Drive System and Electronically controlled Continuously Variable Transmission (ECVT), help you save on gas with savvy.

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2020 RAV4 Hybrid

For the sporty lifestyle driver, say hello to the 2020 RAV4 Hybrid. The comfortable interior offers available 8-way power adjustable seats and a sense of luxury. More importantly, it has a battery designed to last the life of the car, covered by an 10 year/2400,000 km warranty, and the regenerative braking feature.

2020 Rav4 hybrid

You won't have to worry about running out of juice with different drive modes that can be used to help save on gas. Choose to use only the electric motor, or make for a sportier driving experience with the EV, ECO, and ‘Normal’ modes.

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2019 Highlander Hybrid

This beauty is designed for the whole family in mind. The 2019 Highlander Hybrid has seating for 7 or 8 and they hybrid takes fuel efficiency very seriously. Busy families are always on the go, so Toyota engineers created the gas and electric HSD powertrain with 306 Net HP Hybrid Synergy Drive system and Continuously Variable Transmission to maximize efficiency.

2020 Highlander Hybrid

You won't have to worry about using extra gas with the Highlander Hybrid. Of course, driving with the family can be a time for bonding. Chat easily with backseat passengers by using Driver EasySpeak, which integrates a microphone by the driver and can transmit audio through the rear speakers (available on hybrid XLE and Limited models).

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A world of hybrid possibilities

There you have it, the 2020 lineup of hybrids is only adding to the Toyota heritage of hybrid technology. It’s all about maintaining respect for the past and a vision for the future – all while embracing the need to maximize the needs of driving in the present. Saving on gas while enjoying the ride is always an important piece of that puzzle.