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Choosing a Toyota Tundra: Double Cab or CrewMax

Jul 16, 2019

Incorporating decades of expertise in building high-capability trucks, the Toyota Tundra offers up something for virtually any pickup-truck shopper.

Tundra has long been Toyota’s offering in the full-sized pickup segment and it’s a machine that is popular with those after high resale values, long-term ownership, proven reliability and capability to spare. With numerous body styles, trim grades and powertrain options backed by a full line of high-quality Toyota accessories, it’s easy to get the perfect Toyota Tundra for your lifestyle, needs and budget.

Toyota Tundra: Double Cab vs. CrewMax

The selection starts with two body style offerings: the Tundra DoubleCab, or the Tundra CrewMax.

The Tundra DoubleCab is an extended-cab body with two seating rows, four doors for passenger access, and a split-folding rear seat that enables quick setup of the interior for virtually any combination of passengers and gear.

With Tundra DoubleCab, seating for up to 6 occupants is available, and so are Tundra’s biggest bed options. In DoubleCab configuration, Tundra can be specified with the shopper’s choice of either 6.5-foot or 8.1-foot bed lengths.

Tundra DoubleCab is popular with shoppers who occasionally need to transport a full complement of passengers, who regularly need additional storage for items and gear on board the truck, or who need the largest pickup bed possible.


Toyota Tundra CrewMax provides enhanced rear-seat space, storage, and comfort, thanks to its larger and more accommodating rear seating setup, and the addition of four full-sized doors for easier passenger access.

The CrewMax is popular with shoppers who regularly travel with their family, co-workers, or clients, and may be the right choice for those who regularly need more room for passengers than heavy cargo.

In its CrewMax configuration, the Tundra is offered solely with a 5.5-foot bed.

Toyota Tundra: Torque To Spare

Tundra shoppers can also decide between one of two highly-proven Toyota V8 engines.

The compact and power-dense 4.6 litre i-Force V8 opens the powerplant range. This all-purpose V8 caters to a wide range of needs. With 310 horsepower and 327 lb.-ft of torque, Tundra’s 4.6 litre V8 strikes a compelling balance of performance, fuel efficiency and long-haul durability.

For the driver after all-around confidence, as well as power to spare for occasional towing, the 4.6-litre i-FORCE engine is a popular pick. That said, the mighty 5.7-litre i-FORCE V8 is also available for the shopper who likes to go ‘big’.

Tundra’s flagship powerplant supports drivers with 381 horsepower, 401 lb.-ft of torque, and a suite of fuel-saving technologies that help achieve highly respectable output, despite the potent torque specifications.

Both V8 engines are specifically engineered for years of use in demanding environments, ideal for buyers after minimal long-term operating costs. That’s why Tundra’s engine lineup is pickup truck specific. For maximum durability and minimized repair and replacement costs, you won’t find turbocharged car engines under Tundra’s hood.

Note, however, that the 4.6 litre V8 engine option will only be available through model-year 2020.

Toyota Tundra: Towing, Payload and Safety

With durability and capability front and centre, Toyota Tundra backs drivers with confidence for virtually any towing or hauling job.

Towing capacity of no less than 8,800 lbs. is offered, with some models offering as much as 10,000 lbs.-- depending on configuration and equipment. Payload capacity tops out at 1,709 lb., depending on the model selected.

To the benefit of long-term durability, all Tundra models powered by the 5.7 litre V8 engine include a towing package. This adds a transmission cooler to reduce internal temperatures during severe use, as well as a trailer brake controller, heavy-duty receiver and transmission fluid temperature gauge.

Trailer Sway Control is also on board. This safety system utilizes a special sensor to detect vehicle movements that indicate the onset of a dangerous trailer-sway situation. The instant these movements are detected, the Tundra applies corrective action via the strategic application of mild braking to stabilize the trailer. This entire process is automatic, seamless and often happens without the driver noticing.

Make it Your Own

With the Toyota Tundra, you’ve got options to spare and choosing a body style and powertrain is just the beginning. From there, Tundra can be further tailored to your particular tastes with numerous trim grades, options packages, and accessories.

For 2019, a new SX package dials up the athletic and street-smart looks of selected Tundra models, with unique visual enhancements.

Avid or aspiring off-roaders can select the TRD Off-Road package for a full suite of all-terrain upgrades that cater to the adventurous.

Even in Tundra’s base-model SR5 trim grade, drivers benefit from  popular equipment and features at a compelling package price. Further, the high-capability Tundra TRD Pro, complete with numerous package enhancements for 2019, is available for the shopper after nothing less than everything Tundra has to offer. Back and better than ever, this popular Tundra variant includes application-specific FOX performance suspension components, including internal-bypass shocks. A TRD skid plate, forged 18-inch wheels, and a premium audio system with navigation are among the other enhancements.

Additional trim grades and options packages are available, too, as are a full suite of Toyota performance parts and accessories. These are built and tested to the same standard as the rest of the vehicle, ensuring Toyota quality exists throughout.

For more details, go to or visit your local Toyota dealer today.