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“Fear of a Flat Planet” Podcast with Mark Fawcett & Gregory Picard

Jul 06, 2021

Toyota Canada believes proudly in bringing together Canadians in sport and movement. As an Official Mobility and Official Vehicle partner of Canada Snowboard, including Para Snowboard and four other National Sports Organizations, our objective continues to be motivating our country to stay active, conquer obstacles and reach goals.

We have seen over and over the power of sport changing lives. Movement is a human right to us, with mobility going beyond vehicles. For this reason, we continue to stay focused on amplifying the importance of mobility and encouraging Canadians to participate in sports.

“A snowboard is the ultimate adaptive device, that can take someone from disabled to enabled. I find it miraculous” – Mark Fawcett

[Working as a Head Coach for the Canadian Para Snowboard Team…] “It’s a puzzle, everyday is different. I love it.” – Greg Picard

In this episode of “Fear of a Flat Planet” presented by Toyota Canada, John Leslie interviews Technical Speed Coach Mark Fawcett & Para Team Head Coach Gregory Picard.

Topic Rundown:

  • From hand shovelled jumps to GT snow racing to stories of Tom Sims.
  • Picard and his family take the leap to move out west to further support the para team as Head Coach.
  • The Opportunity Year – making training count.
  • Proximity training – what is it?
  • Carving drills to jumping thrills.
  • Fawcett takes us back to his first World Cup race in 1991 (only a year after its first debut) and gets 3rd overall at 19 years of age!
  • Picard highlights para athlete Tyler Turners recent World Cup Victory in Italy in this winter.