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5 Ways You Can Get Road Trip Ready

Jul 28, 2021

Nothing says “summer” quite like planning a road trip. Besides taking in stunning views along winding Canadian roads and spending some much-needed downtime with family, a summer road trip also offers a feeling of freedom that many of us haven’t experienced in a while.

Road Trip Ready Toyota

In fact, the number of Canadians planning on road tripping this year is quite high. A 2021 poll performed by Leger Marketing on behalf of Toyota Canada suggests that when travel is permitted, about – 43% of Canadians are planning on taking a road trip - though 84% are staying closer to home than usual.

Whether your next summer escape takes you far from home or keeps you roaming a little closer, there are a few ways you can ensure you’re ready to make the most of every moment. From finding the perfect playlist to following your Toyota maintenance schedule, here are 5 things you can do to prepare for a summer full of road trip adventures.

Your Road Trip Checklist

1) Check Travel Restrictions in your area

First and foremost, make sure you check the provincial and municipal travel restrictions for your destination. Rules vary from province to province, and it’s best to know what you can do and where you can go before you hit the road.

2) Get Your Vehicle Road Trip Ready at Home

There are a few things you should inspect before pulling out of your driveway to make sure your road trip goes as smoothly as possible, especially if you've been driving less lately. Be sure to check your:

Tire tread depth

Driving safety starts with the right tires – ones that are in excellent condition. To check the tread depth of your tires, simply slide a quarter into a tire groove. If you can see the tip of the caribou’s nose, that’s a sure-fire sign you should have your tires checked by a Toyota University Trained Technician. For your safety and to improve fuel efficiency, our Technicians may recommend that you pick up replacement tires before heading out, especially on a long-distance trip.

Road Trip Checklist for Toyota

Windshield wipers

Though we all have high hopes for clear skies on every minute of our adventures, Canadian weather is pretty unpredictable. Having windshield wipers that can handle heavy rainfall are a must! Check for visible pitting, cracking or damage to the rubber blade surface. If your wipers are damaged, it’s a safe bet that you should look into picking up a new set.

3) Have the Perfect Road Trip Playlist on Hand

No epic road trip is complete without a playlist full of fan favourites. Need somewhere to start? We’ve done the heavy lifting for you by curating a collection of Canada’s most memorable hits and international staples to keep you and your loved ones entertained. Search Road Tripping with Toyota on Spotify and prepare your pipes for one incredible sing-along.

4) Keep the Essentials on Hand

Be sure to pack all the tools, gadgets and essentials you’ll need in your vehicle along the way. Making a pit stop to dig through your bags in the trunk can really eat into your trip, so keeping the necessities in your vehicle cabin can help streamline your experience. Think about having water, snacks, toiletries and a small first aid kit on hand in your vehicle.

It’s also a good idea to keep your phone, camera and their chargers within reach – while you’re busy making memories on breathtaking drives, you’ll want to snap pics whenever you can. A great way to capture every road trip memory is to hook your vehicle up with a dash camera. You can record entire drives so you’ll never miss a moment, even if you forget your phone charger (it happens).

The Toyota Genuine Dash Camera is the ultimate road trip companion. When your vehicle’s ignition is turned on, the Dash Camera starts recording video, audio and location data. It has specialized recording modes to capture and protect important videos, and footage can be reviewed and saved to your smartphone or computer with its free app. It’s perfect for snapping and sharing the magical moments you experience with your loved ones on the road.

5) Have Your Vehicle Inspected by an Expert

Maintenance before Road Trip

It’s best practice to request a service appointment with your local Toyota dealer before you get going on a long trip. Our experts know every detail of your vehicle, and will inspect specific parts that are necessary for you to experience a safe and memorable road trip, including:

Your oil cleans your engine as you drive, to help protect it from over-heating on long driving stretches. Making sure you have the proper oil level and clean oil at that, is key to avoiding repair stops along the way

Brake pads
Healthy brakes are imperative for a safe drive. Your Technician will check your brake pads and other brake components to ensure you have peace of mind when you get on the road.

A clean engine filter can help reduce your vehicle’s emissions. Aside from caring for the planet, you’ll protect your engine from dirt and debris as well. Plus, your cabin filter will also be inspected, to help keep the air you breathe clear of allergens and pollutants – comfort is key on a long drive.

No matter how near or far you’re driving, following your Toyota maintenance schedule and sticking to your recommended service intervals – every 6 months or 8,000 km, whichever comes first – will help ensure your vehicle is always ready for the road ahead.

In the end, when it comes to summer road trips, the most important tip of all is to have fun – not just at your final destination, but along the way, too. Remember, life (and your road trip) is all about the journey.