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The Truth About What Really Makes An Enjoyable Drive?

Aug 17, 2022

Picture this: You’re behind the wheel of your Toyota Supra. Your hands are at 10 and 2. You’ve got your windows down and the sunroof open. The sun is shining on your face as the wind gently whispers in your ears. You think to yourself, “This drive is so serene. This feels so good.

So, what is it about going on a long drive that makes us feel so good?

Here are the top 4 reasons why driving is so enjoyable.

toyota supra

Studies say driving makes you feel good

Professor Linda Steg and her team at the University of Groningen researched the leading motivators behind driving. Their findings suggested that people are more driven to drive (pun intended!) due to the perceived status and feelings driving evokes than they are due to the practicality of driving itself.

In other words, even if taking the subway makes your commute shorter, you may still choose to drive simply because you like the way driving makes you feel

Another study published in the journal Innovation found that drivers who enjoy driving for recreational purposes, like taking long road trips, also enjoy driving for non-recreational purposes because driving causes them to elicit joy.

The joys of instant torque

What is torque?

It’s spinning that giant wheel on The Price Is Right.

It’s twisting a cap off an ice-cold beer.

It’s a physics term to describe a twisting force that tends to cause rotation.

In cars, torque is the force that pistons put on the crankshaft, effectively making it as well as the wheels turn. So, when car companies mention torque, oftentimes alongside horsepower stats and measured in pounds-feet, they’re referring to the engine’s rotational force.

Instant torque means the driver doesn’t have to wait for the motor to spool or rev up because every one of its pounds-feet are available as soon as the driver puts their foot on the accelerator. And that instant acceleration feels good.

Instant torque is most often found in electrified vehicles like the Toyota Prius.

You get an adrenaline boost

When you turn your car on and begin to accelerate, even just slowly off your driveway, you produce adrenaline, which causes a multitude of effects within your body. Your blood pressure rises, your heartbeat speeds up, your body temperature increases, and you may even start to feel a tingly sensation.

It’s exciting, it’s intense, it’s adrenaline.

While it may be a rush, it is equally important to always adhere to your local speed limits and to keep yourself and others safe.

Toyota Supra

It’s personal

Some people say driving is meditative, while others prefer to jam out in their cars to their favorite music. Either way, driving can be an incredibly personal experience, and the reasons you love driving could differ greatly from your neighbor.

Maybe you’re a young adult who loves driving your first car, or maybe you just love taking road trips. Either way, if you’re reading this article, we probably have one thing in common: we love driving.

Keep in mind, that in order to enjoy driving, you don’t have to drive fast, you just have to drive.

Because when it comes to driving, we often prefer to take the long way home.

And when it comes to enjoying driving, it’s more about the journey than the destination.

So next time you’re out for a drive, give your fellow commuters a smile and soak up those happiness-inducing, adrenaline-boosting vibes.

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