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Hybrid Electric · Plug-In Hybrid Electric · Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric

Toyota led the auto industry on the road to electrification in 1997, with the launch of Prius. Since then, we’ve continuously innovated towards a more efficient, sustainable, empowered future that has no finish line. Because it’s a race where if we win, we all win.

For Toyota, it’s about more than being first.

It’s a race to continually evolve. A race that has no finish line. A race where if we win, we all win.

[In 1997, we started a race.]

[Not to some distant planet, but to developing efficient electrified vehicles for this one.]

[At Toyota, it's a race to continually evolve plug-in hybrid electric, and zero-emission hydrogen fuel cell electric vehicles that emit only water.]

[It's a race that has no finish line.]

[It's a race where if we win, we all win.]


At Toyota, we don’t believe that there is just one electrified solution that fits all people and all of their mobility needs. That’s why we’re investing in a range of electrified technologies that all use electricity to propel a vehicle forward. But the source of electricity differs depending on the powertrain. Today, we offer Canadians three different types of electrified vehicles.

Hybrid Electric Vehicle

HEVs combine gas engines with electric motors to generate electricity as you drive, which also means they never need to be plugged in.

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Hybrid Electric Vehicles
Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle

PHEVs operate in the same way as HEVs, but can optionally be plugged in for extended electric-only range.

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Hydrogen Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

FCEVs use hydrogen as an energy source in conjunction with electric motors, emitting water as the only by-product from the tailpipe.

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Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle

Choose the Right Electrified Toyota Vehicle for You

With a range of electrified vehicles to choose from – from Compact Sedans to Mid-Size SUVs – and more on the way, there is an electrified Toyota vehicle to help you get the most out of life.

Toyota Connect Blog

Learn more about Toyota’s electrification roadmap, innovations, and tips for choosing an electrified vehicle. New articles are added regularly.

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Toyota Hybrid Reasons

From better fuel economy to better for the planet, the reasons our Toyota hybrid owners choose an electrified Toyota vehicle are as diverse as the lives they lead. Find yours.

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