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At this time, bZ4X will only become available in British Columbia and Quebec. Contact your Toyota dealer for details.

Coming Soon

The Toyota bZ4X All Electric SUV


Introducing the all-new, all-electric Toyota bZ4X. Bold and provocative in design, bZ4X is loaded with some of our most innovative thinking and advanced technology. The result is a zero emissions vehicle that delivers an exhilarating drive – including 0-100 km/h acceleration time of 6.9 seconds on all-wheel-drive models – along with all the capability and versatility you’d expect in an SUV. It’s also the next step in our electrification journey, to go beyond zero emissions, with mobility solutions that create a net positive impact.

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Key Features

Driving Range

Front-wheel drive models will have a manufacturer-estimated range of up to 406 km when fully charged and under ideal conditions**

Charged Up

When it comes to powering up bZ4X there are plenty of options, including 120V outlets, 240V chargers as well as DC fast-chargers. All models allow for both home and public charging.

Aerodynamic Design

The futuristic, edgy styling is also exceptionally aerodynamic to help reduce energy consumption

Intuitive Tech

bZ4X is loaded with intuitive tech, including a multimedia interface that offers interaction through sight, touch and voice


A new AWD system features both X-MODE® and Grip-Control for confident off-road performance

Performance + Peace of Mind

bZ4X will be the first to feature our most advanced suite of active safety features yet – Toyota Safety SenseTM 3.0

360˚ Interior Experience

Concept and prototype vehicles shown.

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