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More Out There - With the Toyota RAV4

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

Incredible hidden gems, unforgettable local guides, mouth-watering regional cuisine. Join us on our first journey as host Michael Musi sets off in the RAV4 Trail to discover More Out There in Yellowknife, Northwest Territories.

Build & Price RAV4 AWD Trail

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories

For our first journey we head north. Way north. Find out what makes the Northwest Territories a place that people from across Canada fall in love with after just one visit. No matter what makes you tick, this region provides a sense of freedom that’s very appealing.

RAV4 Trail in the Northwest Territories

Yellowknife, Northwest Territories


Dynamic Torque Vectoring

Dettah Ice Road

Dynamic Torque Vectoring diverts power only to wheels with traction for improved cornering and efficiency on slippery surfaces. In an area where ice roads are a way of life, this is a feature that everyone can appreciate.

Learn about Dynamic Torque Vectoring


Multi-Terrain Select

Vee Lake Road

There’s no shortage of challenging terrain in the Northwest Territories. But with Multi-Terrain Select, the RAV4 Trail can switch between dirt & rock, mud & sand, and snow covered surfaces by reconfiguring how the vehicle’s power is distributed.

Learn about Multi-Terrain Select


Rear Driveline Disconnect

Ingraham Trail

At 1.3 million square kilometers, there’s no lack of places to explore in the Northwest Territories. With Rear Driveline Disconnect, the RAV4 can focus power to the front wheels while the rear wheels spin kinetically, so you can cover more ground for less fuel.

Learn about Rear Driveline Disconnect


Design and Details

Great Slave Lake

Yellowknife boasts some of Canada’s harshest conditions, but the rugged and capable RAV4 Trail meets the challenge. With features like heated seats, and a reversible mat for wet gear, the RAV4 Trail offers comfort and convenience when you need it most.

Learn about Design and Details


Towing Capacity

Vee Lake

In the Northwest Territories, vehicles are expected to be tools as much as transportation. With an impressive 3500-pound towing capacity, the RAV4 Trail is the perfect blend of work and play.

Learn about Towing Capacity

Rav4 Trail

Unleash your adventurous side. RAV4 Trail backs its rugged looks with remarkable all wheel drive capability, exceptional utility and more intelligent features than ever before.