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More Out There - With the Toyota RAV4 - Episode 2

Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec

Incredible hidden gems, unforgettable local guides, mouth-watering regional cuisine. Join us on our second journey as host Michael Musi sets off in the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Limited to discover More Out There on the Gaspé Peninsula in Quebec.

Build & Price RAV4 Hybrid Limited

Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec

For our second journey we head to Quebec’s picturesque Gaspé Peninsula. This region’s winding coastal roads and dense forests give visitors an instantaneous connection with nature. Watch episode two to feel the connection yourself.

RAV4 Hybrid Limited in Quebec

Gaspé Peninsula, Quebec


Efficient Power

Route 132

With outstanding fuel economy and impressive off-road capability, the RAV4 Hybrid Limited didn’t just mean an efficient drive along Route 132, it also had the power to handle a demanding detour through Quebec’s Chic-Choc mountains with ease.

Learn about the RAV4’s Efficient Power


Digital Display Rearview Mirror


With the RAV4 Hybrid Limited loaded up with sea kayaking equipment, a feature like the Digital Display Rearview Mirror can let you see what’s behind you, even if your line of sight is blocked.

Learn about Digital Display Rearview Mirror


Premium Interior


On a 1500 kilometer road-trip along the Gaspé Peninsula, one thing becomes very obvious, the need for a comfortable, premium interior. Luckily, The RAV4 Hybrid Limited has that covered.

Learn about the RAV4’s Premium Interior


Bird’s Eye View Monitor


Tight parking spaces aren’t unique to the Gaspé Peninsula, but the Bird’s Eye View Monitor helped tackle any that we encountered along the way with an extra set of eyes and an extra dose of confidence.


Intelligent Clearance Sonar with Rear Cross Traffic Braking


The beautiful scenery of the Gaspé Peninsula meant plenty of stops for viewing, and plenty of backing out of parking spaces. This task was made easy by RAV4 Hybrid Limited’s ability to warn the driver of approaching vehicles when backing up, helping to avoid collisions.

RAV4 Hybrid Limited

Freedom without limits. The 2019 RAV4 Hybrid Limited lets you go further and explore more with its powerful and efficient performance, and Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive capability. That is just the start of the hybrid-electric benefits you’ll enjoy.

Self Charging

RAV4 Hybrids never need to be plugged in. They recharge on the go, using innovations like regenerative braking to capture and transform energy into electricity and store it in the battery.

Learn More about How Hybrids Work

Fuel Efficient Performance

RAV4 Hybrid doesn’t compromise on power or performance, and helps you reduce your carbon footprint with every kilometre.

Try the Hybrid vs. Gas Calculator

No Additional Maintenance

RAV4 Hybrid high-performance battery is designed to last. And Toyota hybrids require no additional routine maintenance. In fact, they follow the same maintenance schedule as our conventionally-powered vehicles.

See the Maintenance Schedule

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