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More Out There - With the Toyota RAV4

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Incredible hidden gems, unforgettable local guides, mouth-watering regional cuisine. Join us on our third journey as host Michael Musi sets off in the 2019 Toyota RAV4 Hybrid XSE to discover More Out There on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island.

Build & Price RAV4 Hybrid XSE

Vancouver Island, British Columbia

For our third journey we head to British Columbia’s awe-inspiring Vancouver Island. Just a short ferry ride from Vancouver, the island’s old growth forests, crystal clear lakes, and jaw-dropping scenery is enough to capture anyone’s imagination. Watch the third episode to get lost in the beauty of Canada’s west coast.

RAV4 Hybrid XSE in British Columbia

Vancouver Island, British Columbia


Impressive Performance

Port Renfrew

The RAV4 Hybrid XSE boasts a 219 Horsepower Engine for effortless acceleration and sport tuned suspension for incredibly responsive handling. Combined, these features give drivers a sense of confidence and exhilaration you might not expect from an SUV.

Learn about the Hybrid XSE’s Impressive Performance


Electronic On-Demand AWD

Avatar Grove

Electronic On-Demand all-wheel-drive system engages and disengages as needed in a variety of situations for a capable ride on and off-road.

Learn about Electronic On-Demand AWD


Dynamic Radar Cruise Control & Lane Trace Assist

Horne Lake Caves

Full-Speed Dynamic Radar Cruise Control and Lane Trace Assist work in tandem to help keep the vehicle centered in its visibly marked lane and preemptively avoid unintended lane departures.

Learn about Dynamic Radar Cruise Control & Lane Trace Assist


JBL Audio


For drivers who put entertainment on the same level as comfort and performance, the RAV4 Hybrid XSE’s 11-speaker JBL Premium Audio system is sure to impress with crystal clear audio from every seat.

Learn about JBL Audio


XSE Design


Sporty design inspiration shines through in every aspect of the RAV4 Hybrid XSE. From the sleek, aerodynamic lines up to the two-tone black roof. If you like to stand out in a crowd, the Hybrid XSE is the SUV for you.

Learn about the Hybrid XSE’s Design

RAV4 Hybrid XSE

Freedom without limits. The 2019 RAV4 Hybrid XSE lets you go further and explore more with its powerful and efficient performance, and Electronic On-Demand All-Wheel Drive capability. Plus, all of the benefits of a hybrid.

Self Charging

RAV4 Hybrids never need to be plugged in. They recharge on the go, using innovations like regenerative braking to capture and transform energy into electricity and store it in the battery.

Learn More about How Hybrids Work

Fuel Efficient Performance

RAV4 Hybrid doesn’t compromise on power or performance, and helps you reduce your carbon footprint with every kilometre.

Try the Hybrid vs. Gas Calculator

No Additional Maintenance

RAV4 Hybrid high-performance battery is designed to last. And Toyota hybrids require no additional routine maintenance. In fact, they follow the same maintenance schedule as our conventionally-powered vehicles.

See the Maintenance Schedule

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