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From carbon to water, materials to biodiversity, yearly report highlights the many ways Toyota is helping the environment

Dec 3, 2014

TORONTO, ON., (December 3, 2014) - There are the 46 million litres of water being captured, cleaned and recycled this year, thanks to a process innovation created and implemented by Team Members involved in vehicle painting at Toyotas assembly plant in Cambridge, Ontario.

There are the 6,300 cubic metres of natural gas saved in the last twelve months at Toyotas aluminum wheel manufacturer in Delta, British Columbia, as a result of that groups creativity in improving how materials are melted.

Toyota has more LEED® (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certified dealerships in Canada than any other automotive manufacturer.

“Whether its sustainability in our operations, or developing technologically-advanced vehicles that dramatically improve fuel efficiency and lower emissions, we are constantly reducing our environmental footprint,” said Stephen Beatty, Chief Environmental Officer, Toyota Canada Inc. “Our progress is made possible through strong collaboration and unity of vision among everyone in the Toyota family – head office, manufacturing sites, dealerships, partners and suppliers.”

This years environmental report shares success stories in five areas: carbon, water, materials, biodiversity and outreach. Canadian highlights for each category include:

  • Toyota’s fuel cell vehicle will hit the market in 2015, powered by hydrogen and emitting nothing but water vapour.
  • Natural Resources Canada named six Toyota vehicles as best-in-class for fuel efficiency for the 2014 model year; that’s more than any other auto manufacturer.
  • Along with lighting upgrades at Toyota Canada’s Toronto head office, an electronic timer for cafeteria lighting was installed that saved 3,400 kWh per year, with a return on investment occurring in less than 3.5 weeks.
  • Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada Inc. (TMMC) launched a $27 million Combined Heat and Power (CHP) initiative at the Cambridge plant to reduce demand on local and provincial power grids; as part of the project, a greenhouse is being constructed to tap the heat produced by the cogeneration project to produce vegetables for local nonprofit organizations.

  • With a focus on reducing, reusing and recycling, Toyota saved more than 350 million litres of water in North America during fiscal year 2014.
  • The Lexus South Paint Shop at TMMC in Cambridge cut water use by 35 per cent in one process, earning a Gold ECO Award from our parent company; TMMC is only Toyota facility worldwide to receive two Gold ECO Wards.
  • TMMC also won a Silver ECO Award for coming up with a better way to separate oil and water in the North Paint shop.
  • A Reverse Osmosis (RO) concentrate recovery system was installed at the TMMC plant in Woodstock in April; it is expected to save 12 million gallons of water per year.

  • Toyota has 32 North American facilities that meet the standard of 90 per cent or greater diversion of all waste from landfill, incineration or the environment.
  • During Earth Week 2014, Toyota Canada Associates participated in an annual “lunchtime make-over” of the outdoor area near the organization’s head office, stuffing a record 104 bags full of garbage; recyclables were separated out, keeping a significant portion of what was collected from ending up in a landfill.
  • TCI donated 758 office chairs to charities across Canada, keeping them out of landfills.

  • Toyota currently has over 1,000 acres across seven North American sites certified to the Wildlife Habitat Council’s Wildlife at Work program, including TMMC’s Cambridge and Woodstock plants.
  • In Canada, Toyota has the most Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) certified dealerships than any other automotive manufacturers, including Vandermeer Toyota, in Cobourg, Ontario, which was designated as an official LEED® Green Building in 2014, one year after opening a new 22,000-square-foot facility.

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