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The clean slate thinking that transformed the 2018 Camry

Jun 27, 2017

2018 Camry Prototype shown in Red

“In developing the next-generation Toyota Camry, we were able to start with a clean slate, which allowed us to create a true driver’s car.”

Those are the words of Masato Katsumata, the Chief Engineer of the new 2018 Toyota Camry.

One look at the vehicle, and it becomes apparent this is a radical departure born out of a new start. What is behind this clean slate, and how has it shaped the 2018 Camry?

A new blueprint

Toyota New Global Architecture (TNGA) is a movement to re-innovate Toyota’s car-building from the ground up.  This is a standardized approach that aims at ever better cars across the Toyota lineup, based on principles such as performance, comfort, user-friendliness, styling, and safety.

2018 Toyota Camry in Red and Grey

This common approach doesn't mean vehicles look the same. Instead, it has provided the opportunity for some bold new designs from Toyota, including the new C-HR.

TNGA involves fine-tuning many details unseen by most drivers. Yet in the case of the new Camry the results of the approach can be picked up by every sense.

The low down

All TNGA vehicles are intended to have a low centre of gravity. With a wheelbase extended by 2 inches and the roof an inch lower, the 2018 Camry is no different. The resulting change in driving experience helps it deliver on the promise of being a true driver’s car.

2018 Toyota Camry Shown In Red

The lower roof is not at the expense of cabin space. Instead, the driver sits lower in the car, further enhancing feedback and offering an inspiring driving performance.

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TNGA also brings a new approach to the design of the engine compartment. The focus is on placing components lower down in a more rationally organized manner. On the new Camry, this means a lower, sleeker hood.

The combined result of engine design, driver positioning, double wishbone rear suspension and the low, wide positioning of the car is responsive handling and an exciting driving experience.

Freedom of expression

The new platform didn’t just enable an improved ride; it also opened the door to a more expressive design.

The wider, lower stance means a sleek design that at once improves aerodynamics, and imbues the car with a sophisticated, sleek feel.

Elegantly sculpted exterior lines augment the aggressive front grille and integrated rear spoiler, giving the reimagined Camry a sportiness that sets it apart from its predecessors. This is particularly the case for the sport models, the Camry SE and XSE, which are instantly recognizable compared to the ‘L’ grades.

Intuitive comfort

Core principles of TNGA are that vehicles should be both comfortable and user-friendly.

Redesigned sport seats position the driver in a cockpit-style environment with gauges angled toward his or her direction. Nowhere is the convenience more apparent than in the Human Machine Interface (HMI) display system.

2018 Camry Interior

Fluid interior lines house three connected displays: an available 10-inch color Head-Up Display (HUD) that helps the driver keep their eyes on the road, an available seven-inch multi-information display within the instrument cluster, and an eight-inch audio/navigation display.

The 2018 Camry will also be the first to feature Toyota Entune™ 3.0, an intuitive suite of connected vehicle technologies designed to enhance the overall driving experience.  Not only will it offer connectivity for entertainment and navigation, but elevated safety through live agent support ensuring peace of mind. The seamless and synchronized technologies include Safety Connect, App Suite Connect; Destination Assist Connect, and Scout GPS Link.

The hood, cowl, and dashboard height in the new Camry have all been lowered for enhanced outward visibility.  It means both driver and front passenger experience an openness and freedom in their forward view and a quietness aided by the reduction in noise vibration and harshness permeating into the passenger compartment.

Cutting edge safety

Building the 2018 Camry on the TNGA platform mean prioritizing the highest active and passive safety standards. This includes Toyota Safety Sense™, a suite of advanced safety features that will be standard on virtually all Toyota vehicles by the fall of 2017.

Beyond TSS, the 2018 Toyota Camry will feature Birds Eye View monitor with perimeter scan, rear cross traffic braking, intelligence clearance sonar and a blind spot monitor with cross traffic alert

These are just some of the ways the new approach taken with the 2018 Toyota Camry led to a radically transformed vehicle that is striking to every sense and engaging to drive.

The new Camry will be available in dealerships in from summer 2018. To get more information build your new 2018 Camry here.

Prototype shown with options. Production model may vary.