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Global supply issues affecting the automotive manufacturing industry are causing new vehicle delivery delays and inventory of some vehicles may be limited. Please for information about availability of your preferred Toyota vehicle.

Toyota TRD Series: What Is It?

Jun 10, 2024

What is Toyota TRD?

TRD stands for ‘Toyota Racing Development.’ This is Toyota’s in-house racing specialty division and is responsible for all things racing. The racing world is a huge pillar in the automotive industry and Toyota is no slouch when it comes to fine-tuning and developing a reputation of service and racing performance for its fans and car owners around the world.

Tundra Hybrid CrewMax TRD Pro

TRD is where all the magic happens. It’s ground zero when it comes to developing high-performance TRD parts and accessories so that you can make your Toyota look faster, go faster, and go where others fear to tread.

History: How TRD Began

In the 1960s, Toyota’s motorsports division was known as the Toyota Sports Corner (TOSCO). Believe it or not, they created the first turbo race car called the Toyota 7. When it came to winning races and collecting trophies, the Corolla 1600 was a top performer and was the first winner of the World Rally Championship.

The racing bug took over at Toyota, and in 1979 the company amped up efforts to build a global image as a winner in the racing world while also developing performance accessories for drivers and car owners alike. With that, TRD was born.

45th anniversary of TRD

How time flies! Over the decades we saw world-class racers win world-renowned races. Ivan Stewart, known as the ‘Ironman’ for winning gruelling off-road competitions and mastering desert racing, dominated the 80s and 90s.

By then, fans knew TRD was building parts that increased the level of performance for Toyota Cars.

Toyota Racing Baja 100

In 1997, Toyota introduced a TRD off-road package for the Tacoma in 1997 and truck lovers haven’t looked back since.

Back on the racing circuit, 9 Tundra drivers won NASCAR’s Camping World Truck Series. In fact, the 2000s were all about Nascar. 3 years after joining the American competition, driver Robert Huffman won the podium place for Toyota and the rest was history.

Fast forward to the 2010s, where Toyota made its mark in endurance racing with a hybrid car. The four-wheel-drive Supra HV-R was the first hybrid to win the ‘Tokachi 24 hours.’

Meanwhile, the legion of Toyota truck enthusiasts were able to upgrade to the TRD Pro series model for Tundra, Tacoma, and 4Runner for the first time.

Toyota TRD Models & Packages

So here we are, over 45 years of passionate TRD history. If you’re in the market for a vehicle, there are plenty of TRD packages to inspire your decision.

Toyota has a full range of available TRD trucks, SUVs and special edition sedans all with different packages including TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road and TRD Pro. Each of these Toyota vehicles represents the epitome of TRD engineering and experience. Ready, willing and able to fuel your thirst for adventure.

Toyota TRD Trucks

Toyota Tacoma TRD

Manufactured in North America and supported by four decades of off-road excellence, the Tacoma TRD Series enables you to tackle Canada's most rugged terrain, available in many different trims and packages including TRD Sport, TRD Off-Road, TRD Sport Premium and more.

Tacoma Hybrid TRD Pro shown in White with Black Roof

Additionally, the new Tacoma TRD Pro is also available as a hybrid truck, with 326 net combined horsepower and 465 lb.-ft. of torque, the Tacoma TRD Pro off-road truck is your ultimate, all-terrain conqueror.

Learn More: Build Your Toyota Tacoma Here

Toyota Tundra TRD

Another TRD heavy hitter is the Toyota Tundra with i-FORCE MAX hybrid powertrain. Packages include the TRD Pro Double Cab and TRD Pro CrewMax. In case you haven’t noticed, TRD is ingrained in this vehicle’s heritage and truck owners are passionate about it, to say the least.

Tundra Hybrid CrewMax TRD Pro in Terra Towing

Tundra TRD packages give you a boost in style, performance and convenience. Depending on the TRD package, brag about features like 18” forged-aluminum black alloy wheels, TRD sport-tuned off-road shocks and TRD sport-tuned sway bars, Toyota heritage grille and more features that make Tundra the new definition of grit.

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Toyota TRD SUVs

Toyota 4Runner TRD

Conquer hills and reach new heights with the new Toyota 4Runner available in TRD Pro, TRD Sport and TRD Off-Road Premium, purpose-built for navigating Canada’s most robust terrain. Its i-FORCE MAX 2.4L turbocharged hybrid powertrain delivers electrifying torque all while maintaining impressive power and performance. Register to learn more and receive updates on the new Toyota 4Runner coming soon!

2025 Toyota 4Runner TRD Pro

Choose your preferred style from midnight black metallic, white, or the new terra and underground options. Showcase TRD-themed badging, along with an aluminum front skid plate and shift knob.

Learn More: Build Your Toyota 4Runner Here

Toyota Sequoia TRD

The Toyota Sequoia arrives with TRD Pro and TRD Off-Road packages, ready for family off-road adventures. This full-size SUV combines premium features and interior design, with impressive towing capacity and rugged capability, ensuring you can confidently navigate rough terrain when the road gets tough.

2023 Sequoia TRD Pro in white

Choose from sleek options like 18” black alloy wheels, TRD-tuned FOX internal bypass shocks that offer a smooth on-road ride, and captain seats. Want more? Add badged floor mats, TRD Pro hood badge, and ‘TOYOTA’ Grille w/ LED light bar.

Learn More: Build Your Toyota Sequoia Here

TRD Cars and Sedans

Toyota Camry TRD

The Toyota Camry is no stranger to the TRD family. The Camry XSE has its own TRD package that continues to usher in a new era in Camry’s sporty-styling and performance evolution.

2024 Camry TRD V6 in white

The Camry TRD special edition boasts 19” matte black alloy wheels, a performance suspension, TRD cat-back dual exhaust featuring polished stainless steel tips, a TRD body kit, optional two-tone exterior finish, and more.

Learn More: Build Your Toyota Camry Here

TRD Parts & Accessories

Make your Toyota sleeker, faster, and meaner with TRD high-performance parts and accessories. From body kits to turbo-boosters, TRD parts & accessories are race-bred, rigorously tested, and engineered to integrate seamlessly into your ride.

Tundra TRD 20 Alloy Wheel

TRD Lineup, Options For Everyone

So many options with so much pride and history. The way the Toyota TRD community sees it…despite having 45 years of experience, we are just getting started.

Discover more about Toyota TRD TrucksSUVs and Sedans today!

Tacoma Hybrid TRD Pro Racing